Age of Empires III

Global Wars


GLOBAL WARS: This scenario is based on the Arab Desert Series by me, KevTheGreat. Many people had wanted an Arab Desert 8, but i decided to try something new, and made this, includes many, many
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features new, old, and perfected. The Storyline of ths game doesn't make much sense, but i still decided to put it in. Five Empires have risen to face the test of time, they compete in a world tournament. Who will win, who will conquer? You control your diplomacy, so be prepare to experiance cold wars, World Wars, and others... Features: *day-night-day cycle *rain events *miniquests for each player *flags of diplomacy *tutorial on the flags *over 550 triggers *over 1200 effects *many more This scenario is in the CSO contest, so please grade well :) P1-5 are human players, p6 is a comp (ivan the terrible), Discovery Age, FFA, Read Hc names for civ order By KevTheGreat P.S please do not edit, or claim this map as your own. My Website Other Scenarios by KevTheGreat- Arab Desert Arab Desert 2 Arab Desert 3 Arab Desert 4 Arab Desert 4V2 Arab Desert 7 Burn em All Russia The Epic Begins Fort of War The Race PATCHES: 6/21/08. 6/22/08. 6/25/08. 6/27/08. 8/21/08 1.10 -fixed minor trigger bugs -added houses -removed 2 wonders from japan -added the victory trigger -other minor things 1.20 french reinforcements come faster -if france revolts they lose reinforcements from the homeland and gain a one reinforcement army (from the people uniting, not the homeland) -heroes that die are removed form the game unlike explorers -heroes now have trigger attacks when injured and/or death -aztec hostages are now not invincible and have no attack (converted to igc) therefore making it harder to do mission -aztec hostage mission rewards have been increased greatly -fixed minor bugs 1.21 -misspellings have been fixed -the loss trigger for france has been added (I don't know y it was missing) -hostages are no longer IGC units -minor faulty triggers have been fixed 1.30 -increased amount of lighting changes, not just 2 settings that change every 15 minutes anymore, now there are 10 lightings that change every 200 seconds -rain occurs more often and are shorter -spanish houses have been fixed to match their culture 1.40 -Gates can now be closed to allied players or opened (your choice) this will prevent entering your city and declaring war on you. However this only applies to preset gates. -Fixed flagsno longer getting "lost" -New music including a custom music file in the download (if you are wondering what the song is trying to say, it basically means religion causes wars) -Intro cinematic is now optional -You can now move around during tutorial cinematic if you didn't want to watch it and some other people did
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