Jedi Knight III

Samus Aran Metroid HUD


Arrogant as it sounds, I gotta say I'm more than likely the resident Metroid expert of the team, so I figured this file would be most befitting for my review'ge. ...and yet I find myself at a
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slight disadvantage, as I have yet to play Metroid: Other M, yet. This hud was allegedly sculpted to mimic the HUD you see behind the helmet of Samus Aran, famed intergalactic bounty hunter. Now, looking at this thing, yes, it looks very much like a helmet Samus would lurk behind. Very sleek interior design, and the visor leaves plenty of space to see what's going on. And now, to point out exactly where everything is: [b]Health:[/b] That 100 at the upper left corner, and the white bar next to it represents your health. The bar does decrease as you take health damage. Very much like Metroid, indeed. [b]Shield:[/b] The four little blocks under the white bar. Usually those represent energy tanks, but this works well enough. No numeration for shield. [b]Force:[/b]Center Left. [b]Ammunition:[/b] Center Right [b]Saber Stance:[/b] Alright, now this is the trickiest one, strictly because this picture does NOT show it, and even if it did, it's a little faint to locate. When you pull out your saber, these small little "data blocks" of sorts appear at the top of your visor. These change in color according to the stance you have. As I said, they're VERY small, so don't be surprised if you miss them at first glance. The rest is all decoration. Overall, I'd say this is a keeper if you use weapons a lot. Even if you do use saber on occasion, and want to have options, you can(at least in JA+ I know you can,) bind a button like so: 1.) Press shift+` (~) to bring down the console. 2.) enter: "bind x cg_hudfiles !" 3.) Hit said button you bound the command to. This will allow you to freely change between your helmet hud and a stripped down JA hud, so you won't feel distracted by the hud's limiting view space in third person. I may just do that myself. I like feeling like I'm behind a helmet. Welp, nothing else to scream at you, so... ....bai now. - Averus Retruthan [b]P.S. - Bryar Replacement and reticle sold separately :([/b]
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