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Evil33 brings us a well compiled Knights of the Old Republic era mod aptly named KotOR Mod. It draws from a variety of free-release sources to bring us a nicely blended mod. It currently replaces the
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three standard Forces of Corruption factions with the Old Republic, the Sith Empire and the Mandalorian clans. For all of the mod players out there seeking to appease their love of the Old Republic era, be sure to give this mod a download. [Quote] The story: When Revan arrived at the Starforge, Canderous disappeared. Carth followed Revan to rescue Bastila. They fought their way to the command center of the station where they found her. After that Revan headed to Malak's room and while they were duelling a third fleet dropped out of the hyperspace. Canderous had, behind Revan's back, reformed the Mandalorian Clans and lead them into the battle of the Starforge. In this moment Revan opened his mind to the dark side to fear all his enemies out there in space. Bastila and Carth felt the quake in the force and decided to flee form the station as long as they were able to. they reached the Republic forces and together with Admiral Dodonna and Master Vandar they decided that their fleet can't fight against two enemies at the same time. So they jumped with the rest of the Republic fleet to hyperspace. When Canderous realized that the Republic retreat and that his troops would not have any chance against the Starforge and its infinite army, he told his fleet to prepare the hyperjump but then the hole power of the dark side irrupted the Mandalorians. The Neo-Crusaders were rolling on the floor crying and only these with enormous willpower were able to resist the madness attacking their minds. When most of his mates were dead Canderous realized that Revan had nearly killed his whole army. Revan's rage cooled down and around the Starforge dozens of ships floating around with no one being alive on board. Canderous and a few close mates managed to escape and swore to erase the Sith Empire for that Revan has done. But for getting strong enough to destroy the Sith they first had to get the necessary ressources and there was only one faction which had enough to be a rewarding target: The Republic [/Quote]
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