Star Wars Battlefront 2

Humans Versus Bots!


\"Humans Versus Bots!\" is a small addon mod that pits the single player (or players, if you\'re online) against a separate team comprised entirely of bots. It\'s basically conquest, with only one
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side you can choose. I like the concept more, I think, than I like the actual mod itself. \"One against many\" can be a fun way to play, a lot of the time. I don\'t think this is exactly the idea here (since it seems to have been designed for a couple of people to play online with each other), but in looking at it as a mod hosted here, it is always something to consider, since the majority of people will probably play it single-player. That\'s sort\'ve where the idea falls apart, because playing conquest 1 versus 32 - even if the \"32\" are all-AI - is still a daunting task. You\'ll never be able to win in a conquest victory without spending most of the map holed up at one CP, slowly whittling down the opponents\' reinforcements (by which point it will be just as easy to simply win by eliminating the rest, rather than capturing the remaining CPs). Just standing around and waiting for AI to reach you isn\'t a whole lot of fun, in my opinion. That isn\'t to take away, of course, from whatever the author may have originally used it for; I\'m sure it\'s more fun to play online with a group of people (although most things usually are). Online or offline, though, there are still the sides-related issues, explained below. The player chooses his opponent by mode, with which the player can choose to fight a small variety of stock enemies or locals. The player\'s sides remain the same in any mode, and the sides added are strange. They are comprised of a whole lot of Jango Fetts running around with various weapons of suspect balance. Some of the Fetts are fairly normal, but there are a couple that, in addition to looking goofy, are completely broken (balance-wise) and have no unlock value to - at the very least - delay their persistent use by the player. It would probably be nicer for this kind of mod if the sides were at least reasonably close to the stock sides (if not the stock sides themselves) so that, not only would the mod\'s size be reduced, but so that some kind of loglcal consistency was maintained between the AI opponents (stock sides) and the human-selectable units (which are fairly random). In any case, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the author included several seconds of them in a video seen below. If it looks interesting, go ahead and try it. -Mav
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