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Star Wars Empire at War – Forces of Corruption - Alliance 2.4X Light por Nomada_Firefox Alliance mod was initialy a Spanish mod, next it was translated to other languages like English and
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German. It is a “small” versión from the mod with units from Episode IV and Episode VI. This version uses only planets and GC from the original game with a new galaxy map. Really it is not a full versión without many things, it was made like a different mod with things from the complete mod. By it, you can see many things different. I would like remember you these new small things: -Underworld side is now the Black Sun. -There are space construction vehicles for all the sides, they build different plattforms only on galactic conflict. They are deployed by the main starbases. -There are new and different galactic fleet icons for the Executor, Empire probe, Rebel transports, Empire transports and Black Sun transports. -There are different spacestructures like the shipyards, factories, a space asteroid mine, defense plattforms like the golans and one hypergun space plattform. -All sides have a MDU vehicle with a few new special plattforms. -There are many new skins for all the units, buildings and more, they are many better, specially the skins from original things. All them were modded by Burnstrobe. -Corruption big effects have been deleted, it should make faster the game with Black Sun side. -There are thousands of new particle graphics and small models like proyectiles. -There are new orbital models from many planets. -The new 3D camera on space and land tactical battles. -All the space models have been remade from the last previous version of the mod. There are many new changes on graphics and on other things from the models. -There are many land units but many of them can be used like a reinforce from other units, it makes a small land units tab. -There are a new Space Call Reinforces code. -Many new abilities like the small bombardement, the new capture ships code or many other small things on code. -New textures for many space and ground units, planets, nebulae, stars and more. -Many fix on code. -Fixed underworld campaign. -Mod new campaign demo for Galactic Conflict and Terrain Equal. -New sounds and new background music. - Space units are better equilibrated. All the combat system has changed. -New starbase reinforce system. -New batallon commanders. -Many changes on fleets. -Many Pirate´s planets changes. -Some new planets added. -New units. -Many more changes, you will need play if you want see them. MOD INSTALLATION: Unzip mod into the main fólder from SW Empire at War Forces of Corruption. For to run it, you will need the SMG launcher made by SMG team. It will load the mod if you unziped it well. For more instructions go to www.FirefoxCCMods.com
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