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I like seeing people improve. I mean, I like cake, insanity and the violent evisceration of people using Galen Marek skins, but I also like seeing people getting better at, for instance,
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skinning. Jedi_hm2 is back, bringing us black and gray recolours of various models. They're definitely better than his previous reskins though, and I think I like some of these. So, what have we? [b]Grey Bespin Cop[/b] Me, I'm not a fan of the bespin cop - not the old one, and not the new one. Something about knowing a guy who used a reskin of the Bespin cop with a flower on its back and a Knight Rider taunt traumatized me forever. This skin is, in effect, the Bespin cop colored grey. While it works, and it doesn't look all that awkward, I think it looks a little dull personally. That's just me though. [b]Black Human Merc[/b] Here's one with potential: a human merc, recolored to be black. I have to say, I rather like the human merc myself, but this reskin doesn't do it too much credit in my eyes. While it's a valid attempt, I personally think the black is a tad overdone here - in short, I think this skin is too black. I know there'll be those who will disagree with me on that though, so other than that, it's a sound skin :p [b]Grey-ish Chiss Bartender[/b] Here's where it gets better: know the Chiss bartender? He got a recolor in various shades of grey, black, and even dark blue. Combined with the blue skin color, it looks fairly nice. My only gripe is I think you overdid the black (shadow?) on the front of his jacket a little. Still, not bad effort at all. [b]Grey-ish Lannik Racto[/b] Who doesn't love Lannik Racto? I mean, seriously, how can you not love someone with that trenchcoat? JKA blatantly needs more trenchcoats, end of story. Regardless however, Racto's trenchcoat has been reskinned to a very light shade of grey, combined with arguably dark blue trousers. His hair got a little overhaul too: it's now (believably) black. I like this skin, personally. I have to wonder what he'd look like with his old hair, but I'm not saying it'd necessarily be better. Nice work on this one. [b]Grey Rodian[/b] Yes, Rodians creep me out - blame those weird antenna things ;) Still, this was my favorite skin in the pack - a Rodian with clothes in various shades of white and grey (and some black), which works very well with the green skin colour. Additionally, we also have team skins here: the collar, part of the legs, and part of the arms change colour to either red or blue. I personally think the skin for the red team looks even better than the normal one, but that's just me. The combination, however, actually works surprisingly well, and as said, I think this is my favorite skin in the pack. ;) In all, I definitely think Jedi_hm is improving :) -Caelum
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