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[b]THE ZB MASTER[/b] Hard work from our (http://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-vs-starcraft\"]Warcraft vs Starcraft mod) is now in action with this new take on Zergling Blood! In [b]zB Master[/b],
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you use the specially designed [i]macro mode[/i] to swiftly command large groups of forces while deploying [i]upgrades[/i] and [i]special units[/i] directly into the heart of the battle, confusing your opponent with the “[i]eye vision[/i]\", and fighting for the title of [b]zB Master[/b] in this rapid-fire Starcraft-styled micro/macro frenzy! [b]KEY FEATURES[/b] - Six player intense Starcraft-style Micro/Macro gameplay - Balancing mechanism for kills & deaths - Original Starcraft music and sound effects - Approximate Starcraft 2 stats for units - Hand-made SC2 artwork built for WC3 from the Warcraft vs Starcraft mod - [i]COMBED FOR MEMORY LEAKS[/i] [i]If we missed a spot, LET US KNOW![/i] [b]OBJECTIVE[/b] To become the [b]zB Master[/b], you must reach round\'s kill goal before your opponents. ROUND 1: 150 kills ROUND 2: 250 kills ROUND 3: 350 kills “Points” are then handed out depending on everyone\'s placement for the round. After three rounds, the player with the most points wins to become the [b][rainbow]zB Master[/rainbow][/b]! Each round increases the spawn rate of Zerglings and the number of units that must be killed to win, so that each round becomes progressively more hectic. [b]MICRO / MACRO MODE[/b] By selecting your Zerg Beacon (/press escape) you can enter “Macro mode”, where every unit in the arena will receive the same order. In addition to commanding all of your forces at once, macro mode possesses the ability to rally your new recruits to a location, purchase upgrades, and drop in special units. Switching back to “micro mode” then is as simple as selecting individual units. [b]BALANCING ACT[/b] [b]KILLS[/b] – Every unit killed earns a “zB”, which can be used to purchase round-specific upgrades for your special units. [b]LOSSES[/b] – Losing a unit gives you “Energy”, which can be spent to drop in special units anywhere onto the battlefield – even your opponent\'s holdout! [b]HANDICAP[/b] – If you fall below 25% of your opponents average underlings, you\'re given an extra Zergling every second until you\'ve caught up. A mini-map ping is signaled for each player receiving this handicap. [b]SPECIAL UNITS[/b] The [b]Autoturret[/b] acts as your base defense and allows some temporary reprieve, but don\'t rely on them for too long, as they can be taken down if the opponent gains too many forces. [b]Marines[/b] arrive as your earliest available ranged unit. They\'re good at chewing Zerglings up at a distance, but can be outrun easily. Stimpacks give the Marines an extra kick with 50% faster movement speed and 50% faster attack speed. [b]Roaches[/b] start with +1 armor and nearly double any other unit\'s HP. Best used as a distraction or special unit killer, as their slower attack rate makes it difficult to withstand overwhelming forces. [b]Hydralisks[/b] have the greatest range in the game, with an upgrade that extends the range even further. Slow movement speed makes sniping special units their strong-suit, but in a pinch their 90hp can be used to distract a few Zerglings. [b]SPYING EYES[/b] I\'ve got my eye on you – Every issued order will cause the immediate area to light up in your opponent\'s team color. With this extra edge in psychological warfare you can tap into your rival\'s thoughts by seeing exactly where their focus is. [b]CUSTOM ARTWORK[/b] The artwork for [b]zB Master[/b] comes out of the (http://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-vs-starcraft) we\'re developing, which utilizes hand-made faithful recreations specifically designed for Warcraft 3. You can actually watch some of the progression videos of the models from our Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/zanmgt). [b]ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT[/b] We\'ve got a list a mile long for improvements, but we\'d like to know what [i]YOU[/i] think would be best to deal with first: [list=a] [*]Reduced map filesize [*]More units [*]\"Turtle\" prevention [*]More abilities [*]More rounds (/custom rounds) [*]\"Call of Duty\"-style accolades, i.e. \"Most kills with a Hydralisk\" [*]2v2, 3v3 options [*]Ability to bet on the loser after you\'ve won a round [/list] [b]ABOUT ZERGLING BLOOD[/b] The original \"Zergling Blood\" was a classic madness/frenzy map for Starcraft 1 in which large quantities of Zerglings were thrown at one another. As you increased in kills you gained access to heroes, and after reaching the kill limit you won the game. [b]CREDITS[/b] zB Master, created in two months by ZanMgt_Gabriel, work began on January 1st, released on March 1st 2011. Artwork by ZanMgt_Aaron, and ZanMgt_Micah [b]MORE INFORMATION[/b] For more information on our Warcraft vs Starcraft mod, check out the ModDb page here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-vs-starcraf [b]SPECIAL THANKS[/b] To the Hive Workshop and The Helper.net for being there when modding WC3 drives you batty! [b]YOU TUBE TRAILER[/b] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0Hr-rrxCOA [b]DOWNLOAD (7.87mb)[/b] http://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-vs-starcraft/addons/zb-master-095c[/URL]
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