Unreal Tournament 2004

Danielle Harris Voice Pack v1.0


A voice pack of the most beautiful actress and scream queen Danielle Harris for UT2004. Known for her roles (small but memorable) in some anticipated movies including four Halloween series.
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DANIELLE HARRIS VOICE PACK FOR UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 Version: 1.0 Author: Tux Android E-Mail: axelong93.newwave@gmail.com (current) Release Date: April 03, 2011 Sound Clip Years: From 1988 to 2010 ======================================================================== ** INTRODUCTION ** This is a voice pack of the most popular scream queen Danielle Harris. You may recognized for her role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5, reprised as Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie's Halloween 1 & 2, among some other movies are medium on impact that would fit them enough to this voice pack. I assumed that this voice pack contains voices from different age of this character that is certain made a range from child star to adult actress, but nearly most of all events; and it contains amount of swear words in some taunts. The text for these blank events is in place so you can still use the command, you just won't hear anything. Before I've uploaded my first previous voice pack and guess there is about to start: There is a .UPL file and a character portrait in .UTX format that can be used as a bot for Instant Action or Multiplayer games. It is not a full model, so the texture only shows a portrait that I didn't have a right time to make a skin or model. All sounds are best quality with 16-bit, 22kHz mono .WAV files. Samples: "Whoever you are, I have a big dog with me and he bites!" "You know, I made the fuel from an apple you threw away." Contents: 8 Acknowledgments 15 Friendly Fires 0 Names 5 Orders 18 Other/Miscellaneous 28 Taunts Some additional details are in HTML file format. ======================================================================== ** INSTALLATION ** 1. Put all files with the .INT, .U and .UPL extensions in the \UT2004\System directory. 2. Place the .UTX file in the \UT2004\Textures directory. 3. Run UT2004. 4. Under the Player or Bot voice drop-down menu select "Danielle Harris v1.0". If you're running a server and want to use this voice pack, you'll need to make the following changes: 1. Open the UT2004.INI file and place the following under the heading [Engine.GameEngine]: ServerPackages=DanielleHarrisVP1 2. Run the following command to rebuild your server's valid package list: UCC MASTERMD5 -c *.U ======================================================================== ** COPYRIGHT / PERMISSIONS ** This voice pack is made by Tux Android in 2011. Authors may use this voice pack as a base to build additional voice packs. You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this voice pack, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission. You MAY distribute this voice pack through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.
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