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This patch updates the Talisman Online game client from version 1725 to 1858. Full details are in the extended description. Patch Updates:

1. The game version is updated from 1725 to 1858.
2. New Scenario: Peacock River Sorrow Cave
3. Release of brand-new two sets of level 60-70 Class Purple Suits.
4. Shop New Arrival: Refinery Charm (Mystic)
5. Some bugs are fixed.

Game Version & System
1. The game version is updated from 1725 to 1858.
2. Fix the bug which caused the auto-open failure of South Border Land (in Sand Village).
3. Adjustment of Senior PK Arena Requirement: level 30 80.
4. In this patch, players cannot be teleported to Competition Room during the City War.

Scenario & Equipment
1. New Scenario: Peacock River Sorrow Cave. The entrance is located in Wind Stage in Barbarian Mountain.
2. New Equipment Released: Level 60-70 Class Purple Suits. To buy the purple suits, players must have enough Peacock River Sorrow Cave Reputation Points.
3. New Item: Bloodstain Chip. Use Bloodstain Chip to buy level 60-70 PVP Purple Suit.
4. In Chill Wind Cave, the 1st and 2nd BOSS have 50% chance to drop Bloodstain Chip; both of the 3rd BOSS and 4th BOSS have 100% chance to drop Bloodstain Chip. In Peacock River Sorrow Cave, both of the two BOSS have 100% chance to drop Bloodstain Chip.

Shop & Auction
1. New Arrivals:
- Refinery Charm (Mystic): Use when refining mystic gems, refinery would require 5 super gems of same level with this charm
- Energy Charm: Supplementary item when refining gems, reducing the energy consumption by half.
- Golden Cure Pill: use it to recover 5000 HP instantly, can be used in battle.
2. Shop Discount: Breeze Chest
3. Fix the bug which caused the gold payment hinted by system is not same as the actual payment.
4. The Apothecary in Cloud Island (-236,889) and Apothecary in Peace Island (592,1203) are now sell Healing Potion (lvl 16) and Mana Potion (lvl 16).

Quest & NPC & Item

Fix the Quests:
1. Better Antidote
2. Sword Friend
3. Extract Kernel of Fire
4. Villagers Inflammation

Fix the NPC:
1. The 0 experience and 0 energy reward by Blood Stage.
2. No drop and 0 experience/ energy from killing NPC RuanSan Yuan.
3. Fix the bug which caused the wrong appearance of +4~+6 White Bear.

1. Correct the wrong descriptions of Lucky Sky Gem and Lucky Earth Gem. Both of them can only be used in combination of +4~+8.
2. Correct the wrong Rumor shown up after the death of BOSS Hell Flame Demon.
3. Correct the description of Valor Gem of Sun. It can works for all classes.
4. Correct the description of Mercy Gem of Sun. It decreases all damages from the target.
5. Correct the wrong words in dialogue with Hunter Zhang.
6. Add some dialogues with NPCs in Peace Island, Coconut Island and Cloud Island.

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