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Mod: Roman Big Pak - Accient War [PL] Poland / Poland Description: Ave Octavian then again I probably know already my passion for ancient Rome. Rzymka nationality did not exist in any part of
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the Black and White because the introduction of the country in question is a great idea. This mod adds an amendment to the texture: -Buildings -Icons -Flags -Soldiers -And their inventory -Three colors to choose an army (Silver, Gold and Black) -Guide to the campaign Recently, it równierz mod with new music to this faction, but who would want to look all this especially when you have such a \"Big pake\" this powerful country. My mod has równierz his campaign, which takes us back to the first part of the Black and White. The campaign has five maps, which are pretty great likeness to the original version. But enough to describe what is probably closer to you all this to you. BUILDINGS: 1st New textures 2nd Doors instead of the dark boxes in the homes of the C-F 3rd Tables with symbols of Rome or mosaic ICONS flags: 1st New textures 2nd Icons at the bottom of the army in the corner of the new designation A) Green - The Army is in motion B) Yellow - something Army weapons C) Red - The Army will fight or fights D) Blue - The Army is idle SOLDIERS AND EQUIPMENT 1st New textures 2nd Gloss on the armor 3rd Spears instead of swords 4th How you play is good soldiers and archers have a golden armor 5th How we play is as bad soldiers, and archers have black armor 6th You can also choose the armor yourself MUSIC 1st New music on the altar of Rome 2nd New music in the inn Rome 3rd New music Roman menu 4th New music first Roman war I also recommend Egypt Project. I know it\'s not my mod but it is interesting and as fun. I want to add that in my campaign maps are very similar to those of the programmer \"bydakster\" which has a good campaign, but still let the Work on the environment, however, please do not confuse my campaign with those of bydakstera. Greetings to the creator of The Egypt project and wish you a nice game Bydakstera Leads to me: E-mail Phone 511-624-070 Roman Pak Mod ver. 3.0 Install: 1st [Black and White2] C: ... Black & White2 or [Audio, Data, Scripts, graphics, icona, dedskop, Install] C: ... Black & White2 2nd Read Instruction: [Instruction [PL] Poland / Poland] Army Textures Install: 1st Open Folder [Black and White2 Army Textures {Silver, Gold or Black) Army] Copy Files: t_greekwarriord_1 t_greekwarriord_1_good t_greekwarriord_1_evil t_greekarcherd_1 t_greekarcherd_1_good t_greekarcherd_1_evil to C: ... Black & White2 Data Art Textures
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