Jedi Knight III

Luke Armour Pack


Well, it looks like Luke Skywalker has been back to the Jedi armoursmith and told them to make him some better stuff. Obviously the armoursmith had some bits of Shadowtrooper armour lying around,
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taken from the corpses of Shadowtroopers probably (after all, historically after battles the winning side would go around and pinch all the armour from the bodies of the opposing army, armour is expensive you know, no use letting it go to waste!) and decided to make it into a nice new set of Cortosis woven armour for Master Luke, like I said, no use letting it go to waste! Not wanting to be wearing last seasons colours, it looks like Luke also told the armoursmith to make him several different coloured sets, so he can always be wearing the \'in\' colour! There are several colours to choose from here, such as green, blue, red, plain old black and bright purple (?!). While I like the fact there are plenty of colours to choose from, unlike the plain black Shadowtrooper Armour Luke, the coloured variants seem to have the torso armour from a Shadowtrooper and the boots from a Stormtrooper, and the two just don’t go together. The Shadowtrooper parts are nice and smooth and rounded, and the Stormtrooper boots look scuffed and gnarled. Personally I would have just used the Shadowtrooper boots as with the plain black variant. On the plus side, each of the different colours has their own team skins, distinguished by a splash of the team colour on the boots and arm guards. There is also a new version of Luke wearing his previous Stormtrooper styled armour, only this time in a battle damaged variant which looks pretty cool. I would still say though that the shoulder plates need some form of emblem on them, either something Jedi related or the emblem of the [url=]New Republic[/url], similar to how the Jedi in the Clone Wars series have the symbol of the Old Republic on their armour. This I think, would round the skin off nicely. All in all then a pretty cool skin pack here, though I personally would like to see some orange armour in there too, just because orange is my favourite colour. ;) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~
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