Star Ruler

Star Ruler v1.0.9.0 to v1.1.0.0 Patch


This patch will update Star Ruler from version to version Full patch details are in the extended description.
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[Fixed] Multiplayer clients could not create treaties.
[Fixed] Multiplayer clients could not retract treaties.
[Fixed] The subsystems that are linked are now correctly loaded and imported and will no longer change based on overlap.
[Fixed] Obsoleted blueprints would not be removed from various build lists until a blueprint was added/updated.
[Fixed] Second planet granted by "Developed Empire" trait now has regular amounts of HP.
[Fixed] Using modifiers on armor no longer causes the armor to take up space.
[Fixed] Explosion sound would play for multiplayer clients for silent destruction (colony ship, scuttle/retrofit).
[Fixed] Page Up/Down keybinds would not save.
[Fixed] Auto-colonize planet now works for multiplayer clients.
[Fixed] Auto-colonize lists are saved/loaded.
[Fixed] Undock all from the right click menu now properly removes auto-dock orders (unless forced) so ships won't immediately re-dock.
[Fixed] AIs are no longer prevented from expanding when the minimum ship size limit is set higher than their scout blueprint.
[Fixed] Planet rings/moons are saved/loaded and work for multiplayer clients.
[Fixed] Disabled ships are removed from control groups.
[Fixed] Research automation toggle is saved/loaded.
[Fixed] Selecting a planet after a ship with an obsolete blueprint no longer shows the planet as obsolete in the object information panel.
[Fixed] Fix system window becoming unresponsive after dry docks or planets got destroyed.
[Fixed] Fix selected object list scrolling to the top automatically.
[Fixed] Ships could stop moving altogether for multiplayer clients in high-lag situations.
[Fixed] Ore isn't erroneously shown in mouse overlay for ships with cargo bays.
[Fixed] Multiplayer clients would not always receive blueprints when capturing enemy ships.
[Fixed] Weapons with MultiPulseCost (Missile Racks) now have their reload progress displayed correctly.
[Fixed] Race profiles could not be saved for mods installed in My Games.
[Fixed] Number of owned planets listed in the system window for home systems to multiplayer clients was off by 1.
[Fixed] Governor dropdown in system window could be opened underneath other GUI elements.
[Fixed] Various display glitches related to structure removal and renovation for multiplayer clients.
[Fixed] Planetary conditions removed by the natural terraformers trait would still appear for multiplayer clients.
[Fixed] "Game Lost" message would not show up for multiplayer clients.
[Fixed] Asteroids created by planets being destroyed would not show up for multiplayer clients.
[Fixed] "Continue" main menu option did not work for mods installed in My Games.
[Fixed] AI could not properly cope with high starting technology levels.
[Fixed] Shipyard labor pool scaled asymptotically instead of exponentially, leaving labor severely throttled at high tech.
[Changed] The current value for stats are displayed on the object information window without hovering.
[Balanced] External mounts are now equivalently massive to the hull.
[Added] Complete, official, german translation of the game.
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