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[i]Working Download Link:[/i] The \"Realistic Weapons Mod\" by Dakota is an effort made to increase the level of challenge
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incurred by the player in comparison to the stock sides. Whether it is entirely \"realistic\" is, I suppose, a matter of opinion - in mine, I would call it something more along the lines of the \"everything has lots of push\" mod. I\'ll be forthright and say that I simply don\'t care much for mods that increase the level of damage of the weapons to \"realistic\" levels - SWBF2 is, after all, a large-scale class based arcade shooter and not a small-team tactical shooter where something like that would be more appropriate. So, going in, my anticipation was that I wouldn\'t care much for the mod. I was surprised to learn, though, that there\'s really not a whole lot changed. I couldn\'t really tell whether weapons did more damage - for the most part, everything looked and felt pretty much the same. Grenades do noticeably more damage, which is well and good, I suppose, but for the most part all the blasters seemed pretty normal. There were some weird things going on with the special class weapons and hero weapons, though. Force lightning is out of control - it\'s a one-hit kill on infantry that also pushes them, and there\'s no energy drain. As the Emperor I could just walk around holding down the secondary button, and I was effectively invincible. Not really my cup of tea. Force push is also pretty silly - it pushes way past the bounds of \"realism\" and simply gives a ludicrous amount of push to Force push, and to top it off, it also explodes back on your unit. Which makes sense, of course, because every time in the media anyone has used Force push, they\'ve also been immediately expelled backwards by the simple force of it (or is it the other way around?). Some of the special unit weapons seem a bit overpowered too. The Bothan\'s incinerator inexplicably pulls? units, and the Dark Trooper\'s Arc Caster is a one-hit kill uncharged. And on a completely separate issue, the heroes could just jump in the air forever. That too screamed \"realistic.\" All in all, I suppose that most of my issues with the mod have more to do with the name than the content. I\'m not a huge fan of overpowered weapons either, but I can recognize that there are plenty that do like them, and for you, this is probably worth a shot. Just be aware that it may not be \"realistic\" so much as it is \"high-damage.\" -Mav
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