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The v1.03 patch for Strategic Command: World War One 1914-198 The Great War is a significant upgrade to the release version. In fact, with the completely new "1939 Storm over Europe" WW2 campaign, it is a free add-on in anything but name! v1.03 Patch Changes

- fixed an HQ attachment range error as HQs were attaching beyond their expected range in some cases (Winti)
- fixed an HQ supply error for HQs that are set to 'Manual' mode (Dragon)
- fixed a PURCHASE UNIT screen error that displayed an HQ even though none are available for purchase (xwormwood)
- fixed a 'forced march' unit error that allowed fully mobilized units to enter a friendly major country that is not yet mobilized (Glabro)
- fixed a recon error for Carriers that only allowed for a single recon strike if the Carrier had moved (Bill R.)
- fixed a unit movement error from Land to Land + Water tiles (Iron Ranger)
- fixed an adjacent port occupation error for when there is an enemy unit already located adjacent to the port (Iron Ranger)
- fixed a LOOP arrival error for when the arrival destination is an enemy controlled port (Amadeus)
- fixed a NATIONAL MORALE script bug that had the game engine skip over these events from time to time (Lokesz)
- fixed an error that allowed Carriers to reinforce/upgrade after it has been used to 'escort' (Catacol)
- fixed a research progression calculation error (Wushuki)
- fixed a WWII Strategic Bomber recon error (Bill R.)
- fixed an AI planning error that caused a CTD (Cantona66)
- fixed a WWII Partisan Operational Movement error that allowed Partisans to Operate out of their national territory (Gunnar)
- fixed a Carrier recon error (rjh1971)
- fixed an Operational unit error that did not reveal enemy units immediately adjacent a recently operated unit (Alastair)
- AI will no longer automatically purchase Garrisons to fill in empty resource GARRISON script positions unless 'Production Delay' is turned off
- AI will no longer purchase units that will arrive after the campaign 'end date' (Gunnar)
- AI speed improvements, up to 50% faster on turns with most of the map areas actively engaged
- AI logic improvements
- Carriers attacked by Subs will no longer have a random chance that some aircraft will be destroyed (Big Al)
- Fighters now have an interception range of 'strike range - 1' for WWII (Wushuki)
- Paratroops can now be intercepted and escorted
- SUPPLY events that have an associated #SOUND= line entry will now display an animated explosion over the supply targets specified in the event

- fixed a map resize error that would sometimes crash the Editor if the convoy routes did not properly fit within the new map size (Winti)
- WWII campaigns now have Carriers improve their AD/BA/BD values for each applicable level of Aerial Warfare (Wushuki)

WWII 1939 Storm Over Europe
- fixed an AI POPUP event with respect to D-Day
- fixed several LOOP events regarding Allied naval movements to and from the Middle East and Egypt (ludi)
- fixed a POPUP regarding the 'German Blitzkrieg Towards Paris' should France fall prior to the surrender of Belgium (crispy131313)
- added a Polish Corps strength 8 to Brest-Litovsk
- added several Soviet NATIONAL MORALE events to boost their morale as the Allies land in and liberate France
- added a UK NATIONAL MORALE loss event for when the Axis take London (Gunnar)
- added Halifax as a Canadian port and city should the UK transfer its government to Canada (Happycat)
- added an extra road northwest of Athens
- added Soviet 22nd and 26th Armies to Smolensk and Kiev respectively (abukede)
- added Nyandoma to 336,24
- added a road to connect Nyandoma to Kotlas
- added an HQ at Minsk to the front line Soviet UNIT scripts should Germany not honour the Molotov Pact (HvS)
- added a Romanian Tank to their build options (Dave)
- moved the 2nd Light Polish Tank to Kutno
- moved Kotlas from 359,23 to 355,27 and adjusted the rail and road to match
- removed Bradford and Birmingham from the UK PARTISAN event (Gunnar)
- removed the ports of Alexandria, Tripoli and Tunis from the supply effect on the Allies in the Mediterranean if the UK loses Gibraltar (abukede)
- removed 1st FSJ from the UNIT script and placed him on the P/Q instead
- increased primary Tank, Fighter, Tac, Bomber research upgrades from 10% to 20% (abukede)
- increased Soviet Tank builds from 7 to 8 (abukede)
- Turkey can now operate air units to neighbouring countries (Winti)
- all French Maginot Line units now start with strength = 5 (HvS)
- German Battleship renamed to 'Hutten' from 'Hutton' (HvS)
- renamed Vyatka to Kirov
- disabled the Allied AI Italian SURRENDER_2 event to the US (Gunnar)
- Venice added as a secondary capital for Italy (Bill R.)
- Canada can now operate its air units without territorial restriction (Gunnar)
- Infantry Warfare and Heavy Tank research costs increased by 25 MPP (Gunnar)
- Fighters that fly a reconnaissance mission will no longer be escorted if they are intercepted (Bill R.)
- Fighters now have an intercept range equivalent to their strike range - 1 (Wushuki)
- Winter War TERRITORY event now properly connected to DE 401 (rjh1971)
- corrected several entries in the Guide (rjh1971)
- increased Soviet mobilization from 7-10% to 15-20% should Germany not honour the Molotov Pact (HvS)
- several DE 101 Destroyers now spread out to arrive in later '41 and early '42 (Dave)
- German and Soviet Rocket builds now have SA=1 (Dave)

WWI Main Campaign changes:
- The town of Kropotkin has been renamed Romanovsky Khutor.
- The USA is now automatically at war with all the Central Powers on joining the Entente (Dan).
- Italy is now automatically at war with all the Central Powers on joining the Entente (Dan).
- Budapest added as a National Morale objective (Honch).
- Three extra Victory scripts added for a Central Powers Major Victory (Lokesz).

1917 Cambrai
- changes to the weather, a slight increase in German income, and also to increase the German unit deployment positions for reinforcements.

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