Unreal Tournament 2004

Unreal1 on UT2004


This map pack is more or less the same looking as on Unreal 1, except this includes maps from Beta/Full/Mission pack versions of unreal so have fun!
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To play this:

* Extract the file contents to:
System.zip -> ..\UT2004\System\
Musics.zip -> ..\UT2004\Music\
Textures.zip -> ..\UT2004\Textures\
Maps.zip -> ..\UT2004\Maps\
Sounds.zip -> ..\UT2004\Sounds\

* Launch UT2004.exe

* Go to your key configures menu (usually in Settings -> Input -> Configure keys).
In there under "Game" group, set keys for "Activate Inventory Item", "Next Inventory Item" and "Prev Inventory Item" to use inventory in game.

* Go to Instant Action

* Select under Custom games list "Unreal 1 game".

* Configure it to a good skill for you, mainly the skill settings:
Game Difficulty level - Easier skill means more health, lesser and weaker monsters. Higher skill level means lesser health, more and harder monsters.
Tourist mode - If enabled, translators will show hint messages.
Use old songs - If enabled, use classic Unreal 1 musics (otherwise part of the musics are remixes).
Auto save game - If enabled, the game will auto-save on start of each map (so you can load next time you want to play it from "Load Game").

* Rather deselect ALL mutators.

* Start game.

To use Translator:
Make sure you have show base path keys (by default M and N keys), otherwise set them in settings.

To QuickSave/Load:
Press tab and write in command "QuickSave" or "QuickLoad". You can aswell bind them to a key using "Set" command, example: "Set Input F6 QuickSave".

Locked maps:
At start you only should see 1 map available from instant action menu, start from that. As you beat maps you unlock them into the maplist and make them playable.

Coop play:
You can normally host game from Host Game (this has full coop support). Some coop play settings to notice:
- Servers list - Under which games list server should appear in (by default on coop games list).
- Required kill % - How many percent of monsters needs to be killed on the map before map can be ended (to prevent players from rushing through maps).
- No movers blocking - Disallows players/monsters from blocking doors/elevators.
- Show ends - Shows ending icons (in case if some players dont know where the ending area is).
- Monster Spree - Show killing spree messages for monsters.
- Player Spree - Show killing spree messages for players.
- Monster players - Allow players take control of monsters (useage: press Tab and write "PawnList", then select a pawn with command "SetPawn").
- Finish game on last map - In case if some map is unable to load, end the game (and start mapvoting or w/e).
- Force U1 Weapons - Replace any UT2004 weapons/ammos on maps with unreal 1 weapons/ammos.
- Spawn location type - Custom player spawn area.
- Broadcast Prelogins - Show a message whenever someone is about to connect to the server (still needs download files etc.).
- Show monster deaths - Show death messages for monsters.
- Auto adjust skills - Auto-adjust monster skills based on amount of players.
- Weapon respawn time - How many seconds does it take for weapons to respawn (0 - No respawn).
- Item respawn time - How many seconds does it take for items to respawn (0 - No respawn).
- Allow startup weps - Allow players join with current available map weapons.

And the at last but not least:
You are allowed to use any parts of these maps/mods for your own maps/mods!
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