The Strategic_Command_WWII_Global_Conflict_GOLD_v101_Patch.exe file you have requested: Official Patches / Strategic Command: WW2 Global Conflict Gold v1.01 Patch - 293.23mb is not available. Upload any files you want to share. This is the only information we could locate:

In addition to dozens of bug fixes and other improvements, this patch also includes a completely new bonus campaign, 1942 Brute Force which is a alternative map Europe and Pacific 1942-1945 campaign. v1.01


- Carriers that are in Fighter mode will no longer self escort if intercepted, only if they are in Mix mode (Bill R.)
- Rockets can now once again be transported (Kurt)
- swapped units are no longer fully committed so long as their action points are > 1. A swapped unit is now reduced to 1 AP and will be able to attack or move 1 AP if it is able to (Bill R.)
- fixed a supply calculation error from ports that did not properly look at enemy control tiles (Bill R.)
- fixed a Graphs section MPP charting error (Marc)
- fixed several recently introduced DoW errors
- fixed a swap unit move error that allowed you to upgrade/reinforce after attacking
- fixed a campaign listing error in the SELECT CAMPAIGN dialog
- fixed a replay turn error that would cause a CTD (rjh1971)
- fixed an AI naval unit movement error that allowed it to move through enemy ports such as Gibraltar
- fixed an 'Across River Attack' penalty formula error (Amadeus)
- fixed an end of turn MPP calculation error
- fixed a National Morale Objectives map display error (Dan)
- fixed a unit movement error when the minor unit's parent withdraws from the war (Bill R.)
- fixed a TERRITORY script error for countries that are completely overwritten by a new or alternate entity (Bryan)
- fixed a surrendered MAJOR convoy transfer amount calculation error (Al)
- fixed a rare combat error when left clicking to attack a unit
- fixed a swap unit error for 3D Paratroops that had the unit change into a Transport icon (K Man)


- DE 619 and 620 no longer dependant on France having been liberated (Bill R.)
- Chinese Infantry Warfare increased to 125 MPP
- Italian and German IT cost reduced to 100 MPP
- Japanese IM increased by 5% to 65% from 60% (Bill R.)
- British naval units that arrive in India via DE 112 now arrive as UK units (Bill R.)
- adjusted a weather zone on the island of Hakodate to match more evenly so that the entire island has the same zone (Bill R.)
- Italy now starts with 65 MPP up from 30 MPP (Bill R.)
- Mountains, Tropical Mountains, Towns, Cities, Capitals, and Fortifications all dropped to 1/1/1 for their Air, Bomber and Carrier defence bonuses. Fortresses dropped to 2/2/2 (Bill R.)
- added several new Japanese National Morale events for the losses of Okinawa, Iwo Jima and for the Atomic Bomb drops (Dan)
- fixed a Chinese MPP income bug
- fixed a POPUP announcing the death of Sikorski that had a Chinese flag (Bill R.)

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