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AirMAPS - Server 6.0 Full


AirMAPS - Server 6.0 Full for BF 2.
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GameServer File der Modifikation AirMaps für Battlefield 2. Bringt für das Fliegen modifizierte BF2-Karten mit sich.

***** Changelog ******
- addition: USS DALLAS's submarine
- addition: Toboggan
- addition: C130
- addition: camera in assault (zoom to not see anymore)
- addition: Rocket X57
- addition: Radio in jeeps was added (to add your own songs, look this tutorial: [ ]
- addition: motocross
- additions from Satnav: Javelin, double Desert Eagle, double Uzi, shootgun, Anti-Aircraft's HUMVEE
- addition: After burner on transport's helicopter
- addition: Gatling on jeeps
- addition: Zip line and grapping hook improved by AirMAPS's touch
- addition: Weapons, vehicles and statics were added from Surreal II (/!\big thanks to the dev-team/!\)
- addition: creation of 2 game mode: stunt and dogfight. The admin of the server will choose the mode
- creation of force's area to protect air bases
- the skin of the cobra was changed
- the skin of the Mig 29 and the J10 were changed too
- DAO-12 fireworks
- 4 new maps
- addition of a mini-nuke for all F15
- Tube's stunt was created
- code python: a plane who kill an helicopter will be killed
- creation of a start line for races
- creation of "death wall" to give the order of the concurants of the race
- creation of a panel to show the layout's races of the map, this panel can repear the jeeps
- addition: J10 stunt
- freezbe-mines
- color smoke on F35 stunt and J10 stunt
- unlimited hellfire on helicopter
- lights armor and jeep reinforced
- addition of an enormous tube on Air Combat training
- addition of a tong's file for latins alphabet
- new menu's picture
- lot of C4
- new songs
- lot of new textures
- addition of two new FAAV jeep
- new explosion effect for the C4
- XP and vista icons + dock icon (128*128)
- material of nuclear reactor changed, you can fall in the nuclear chimney and live
- suppression of laser marker on jeep, APC, boat and helicopter
- new places on the M1A2
- new songs
- the cut are normal
- jetpack hiden on maps (invisible)


- Ajout des cartes : Dragon Valley, Boat Racing Stunts et Air Combat Training
- Dalian Plant : Tuyau déplacé et dédoublé
- Dalian Plant : Ajout d?un tunnel près des centrales
- Dalian Plant : Ajout de panneaux publicitaires
- Dalian Plant : Capturer les drapeaux ne fait plus perdre de tickets
- Patrouille de France : ajout de fumigènes colorés sur les avions en fonction du niveau des dégâts (uniquement en version "tournage")
- Nombre d?avions augmenté (~ 32 par équipe)
- Ajout des armes du booster pack "Euro Forces"
- Augmentation du nombre de c4
- Bug corrigé : les maps ne crashent plus au 2eme chargement
- Ajout de flammes sur les cotés des jeeps
- Ajout d?un booster sur les jeeps USA
- Ajout d?une 4eme place sur les jeeps à l?arrière
- Ajout de couteaux volants
- Fusils snipers : 1 shot, 1 kill
- Parachutes rasta
- Et bien d?autres améliorations :)
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