Operation Flashpoint

F-117A Nighthawk


This addon models the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk, a stealthy attack aircraft, used for precision bombing missions. This version reflects that ability, carrying two laser-guided GBU bombs. --Ignore
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the overall rating presented above. My personally calculated overall rating is 6.25. [url="http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/OFPFiles_Addon_Scoring_System;36134"]See here for more information on how this addon was scored.[/url]-- The modelling is of a very high standard, with good attention to detail. To those who know their aircraft, the lines of the F-117 are extremely accurately represented, although perhaps a bit more detail could have gone into the area around the engines, comparisons with real-world photos reveal lack of appropriate definition and angle in the addon. The skinning is similarly good and carries enough insignia to make it look like anything but a black triangular thing, a mistake which could so easily have been made. The cockpit is well kitted out with many working gauges, I was irritated, therefore, when I rolled my eyes down to look at the grey squares at the pilot's feet and to the lower right and left sides, and the lack of a control column. If some detail had been present here, the cockpit would have been exceptional; as it is, it's still a slight cut above the crowd. Control surfaces are fully animated for all movements of the control column, a fairly complex job because of the F-117's unusual tail design (there isn't one), and one well done. Flaps, landing gear and a lovely bomb-bay are also animated nicely, with skinning on the inside of the bomb-bay, something I hoped to see present. A new set of engine sounds are also included, I have no idea as to their accuracy as I have never heard an F-117, but they sound pretty nice to me and do their job well. Sounds are also present for the opening of the bomb-bay. The author claims that the aircraft is largely invisible to the A.I. if you fly it like a real F-117 pilot would (high), something I haven't tested but I have seen reports to the contrary, so be suspicious about this one until I get it tested myself. The two bombs could well do with a power boost; if the stealth feature doesn't work there would be no real point to this aircraft unless the bombs packed a punch. Although this is a matter of opinion, I feel they don't, and the visual effects could have been improved aswell. The readme contains almost nothing I wanted to know, as you'll see below it is utterly rubbish. Not pleasing, and this degrades an otherwise good addon. This addon is indeed a worthy representation of the F-117A Nighthawk. Aside from a few small niggles that are largely not encountered during routine use, the addon is of a very high quality. It has enormous potential for use in cutscenes, but it would be successful in a mission too. I recommend everyone downloads it and gives it a try, it has a miniscule filesize.
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