Battlefield 2

BF2 Realism Mod 2.8b (Client)


Here\'s the latest update to the BF2 Realism Mod. Here\'s the change log: [quote]Version 2.8.0b Vehicles - MBTs Turret rotation speed and turning speed reduced Stationary/handheld
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weapons - Increased velocity/range of 40mm grenades - Change M82A1 magazines to 4 - M4A1 an AK-74U zooms changed - Increased accuracy on all guns - Changed the recoil on all guns - Changed some sounds for the guns - Snipers only have 1 Zoom - Increase accuracy on all .50 caliber HMGs Kits - Replaced M95 .50 caliber Barrett with M82A1 for US sniper - Removed Claymore mines from Specops and gave them Grenades instead - Removed Simrad for the Specops Soldiers - Decreased Bleeding damage - Increased Soldiers mass[/quote]
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