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This version of [b]Commander Doom[/b] is for those of you that [u]do not[/u] have Commander Doom v1.1 currently installed on you system; If you do, then you need to download
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[url=\";76497\"]Commander Doom (v1.2 | Update)[/url], which will update v1.1 to v1.2. ***** [i]An all-out war broke out in hell, and you, COMMANDER DOOM are right in the middle of it! Will you and your demonic hellspawn send the diabolic bastards into oblivion?[/i] That statement could be enough to make anybody want to download and play this map! ...But, for those of you that want a little more: [b]Commander Doom[/b] starts at your base, from which you can summon demons to fight in your cause. In order to spawn allied demons, you need to capture control points, which are distributed across the map. You can use a little radar on the HUD to orient yourself among the control points, bases, enemies and allies. Capturing control points earns you increased flux of credits, which can be used to buy upgrades. Control points can only be captured, if no emeny units are nearby. The goal of each game is to successfully destroy the enemy base(s). To destroy the enemy base, you will need to locate the generators, and destroy them (make sure to hit the generators at their weak spot). ...Sounds pretty easy, eh? (If you just answered \'yes\', boy, are you going to be surprised!) You can choose from four different maps with four different difficulty settings. [b]Map 1[/b] Opposing Bases is much easier to beat from a strategic point of view. [b]Map 2[/b] Center Heat is tough to beat even on normal difficulty and requires more optimized strategic thinking. [b]Map 3[/b] Control Room confines you into a room overlooking the battle - you cannot directly engage in the fight, and you are completely dependent on your tactical skills. It\'s a pretty tough map to beat... [b]Map 4[/b] The Maze is set out in an underground bunker system and requires your tactical skill as well as quick reactions on the field. The goal of MAP1 and MAP4 is to destroy all enemy bases. To destroy the enemy base, you will need to locate the generators, and destroy them (make sure to hit the generators at their weak spot). The generators are usually guarded by machinegun turrets. The enemy turrets can be destroyed, but they respawn after a given delay. The goal of MAP2 and MAP3 is to control all 6 control points for at least 60 seconds. In these maps, the base generators can still be destroyed, but they are much less vulnerable and better protected. [b]Some new features in this version are:[/b] A new map called \"The Maze\" A new allied unit: the jetpack-equipped, rocket-blasting fatty Support for Doom3 version 1.3.1 Refer to the readme for complete details.
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