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This is an expanded version of the original Tactics addon by Bod, modified by ponei for 2.0 Coding credit goes to the original authors, all I\'ve done here is make a few small changes (listed
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below). I\'ve also fleshed out the boss descriptions file; it is hardly comprehensive but is what has worked for me and my guild. I\'m largely posting this for my guild mates, and if we find this version of the addon useful I\'ll continue to expand the descriptions. Changes made in this version: - Reduced on load spam - Made \'party\' the default channel - Added a \'/tactics all\' function to list all known mobs - Updated the TOC to 1.15 to reflect these changes - Added boss descriptions used by my guild, Grim Determination @ Earthen Ring. Basic Commands (See the original project for a full description of the mod, details on how to update the files with your own info, etc. ) You can bind a button to report on the tactics of the current target, or you can use keywords for mobs so that you can list tactics whenever you want. You can set the report to be sent to only your own display, your raid, party (default), or to whisper an individual player, or assign any channel or your choosing. You can set the report to be sent to only your own display, your raid, party (default), or to whisper an individual player, or assign any channel or your choosing. Use: /tactics - list tactics for current target /tactics help - display help information /tactics all - lists all known mobs /tactics instances - list known instances supported /tactics list - list known mob keywords for the given instance /tactics channel - report current channel /tactics channel - set to report to specified channel /tactics channel whisper - whisper to specified character /tactics channel custom - send to custom channel number /tactics - list the tactics for the named mob ...or bind a key to report tactics for your current target **Mobs Included** aeonus, akkiris, arlokk, attumen, blackwing, bladefist, buru, capacitus, dalliah, deja, firelord, freywinn, garr, gdrlloot, geddon, gehannas, golemagg, gyro, hakkar, hellmaw, hound, ikiss, inciter, ironhand, jeklik, kalithresh, laj, lavapacks, levixus, magmadar, majordomo, mandokir, marli, mc, mellichar, mennu, murmur, nethekurse, omrogg, pathaleon, quagmirran, rajaxx, rokmar, sarannis, sepethrea, shazzrah, silithuslords, skyriss, soccothrates, stalker, steamrigger, sulfuron, sulfuron, syth, temporus, thekal, thespia, thorngrin, trickster, twilight, venoxis, vorpil, warpsplinter, zereketh **Instances Included** aq, arcatraz, blackmorass, botanica, karazhan, mc, mechanar, sethekk, shadowlab, shatteredhalls, slavepens, steamvault, world, zg
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