Empire at War

Improved Venator for FoC


What this mod does: Adds Republic Commandos for the Underworld side Adds Delta Squad for the Underworld side Adds the LAAT for all factions Adds music from Republic Commando Rescales all units
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(space and ground) Adds Arc-170 fighter and Eta-2 fighter (only can be spawned from Underworld Venator) Adds the Venator for all factions Adds new text entries for turbolasers -Heavy Turbolaser Battery, Medium Turbolaser Battery, Light Turbolaser Battery, and for the Venator-DBY-827 Heavy Turbolaser Battery, and DBY-827 Medium Turbolaser Battery Details for Commandos: -Has two abilities, switch to Anti-armor attachment (switch weapon icon) and switch to Sniper attachment (missile icon) -Custom sound effects for weapons -Custom skin -Custom projectiles for DC-17 blaster/sniper -Spawns out of LAAT, buildable at heavy vehicle factory Detailes for Delta Squad: -Custom skin for all four commandos -Custom voices for all four commandos -Spawns from custom LAAT (skin needs some work) the LAAT has a symbol of a delta on it to symbolize Delta Squad Details for Venator: -Venator is available for all four factions each with seperate fighter spawns -Rebels spawn A-wings, X-wings, and B-wings -Underworld spawns Arc-170 fighters, Eta-2 Interceptor fighters, and V-wing fighters -Empire spawns Tie Interceptor, Tie Bomber, and Tie Phantom -New hardpoints to be very accurate -Eight Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, Two Medium Turbolaser Batteries, and Four Torpedo Bays -Fighter bay -New text tooltip for Venator -Improved Shields and armor to come close to that of an ISD ===================Changes in v2=========================== Changes in V2: Changes the venator around a lot (thanks to avenger for helping me with my requests) Fixed error where the LAAT wasn\'t on all sides Adds new unit-Steel Squadron, its a fighter squadron that I made up for fun with a custom skin and very interesting to read tooltips IMO Moved Delta Squad and the Commandos over to the rebellion Added the 501st and Vader\'s Fist Rescaled all space units for even more accuracy but not computer crippling for lower end machines (at least I think) Adds space version of the LAAT (still pretty buggy because it was last minute, but still cool) Adds Jedi/Sith/501st/Vader\'s Fist Venator in game plus the new edition of the Monitor which is Yoda\'s Venator Fixed some issues such as the commando grenade fired too rapidly and some units being too big Details on the changes for V2 Venator: -New model that adds a shield around the hanger bay (which is open) like in Battlefront 2 -new hardpoints to be even more accurate -the two front turbolasers now have a turret model like in the movie -added a tractor beam -added moving turrets to the venator -removed venator for the Consortium
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