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Half-Life: International Online Soccer


This is the newest and so far best release of International Online Soccer V3.0. It is a ... well, a soccer mod! The stadiums were nicely done, a lot of work put into the maps. This time a new team
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was added : U.S.A ! Yay! :D Also added are 17 new maps: ios_bernabeu by Fat Tony ios_vienna by Fat Tony ios_schalke by Fat Tony ios_mundo by Fat Tony ios_haslampark by Fat Tony ios_teddi by Fat Tony ios_bluebirdpark by Black Cat ios_greenvalley by Black Cat ios_italia by Black Cat ios_lionsden by Black Cat ios_highbury by Black Cat ios_stadiumoflight by Black Cat ios_tutorial by Black Cat ios_ewood by Viper ios_oldtrafford by Tranq ios_astro by Tranq ios_samba by Pepper I have always been a fan of the IOS series, and this is the greatest release. Many major and minor bugs were fixed, and some new cvars and features added. I had only two regrets... 1: No crowbar to hit people that get in you way ;) 2: Not enough servers, and some not compatible with 3.0 :( Other than that, great maps, new models, amazing ball physics ;) , and one to download if you need a break from something... shooty. -Amp {here are the new features/cvars/fixes} Added 'both button' power shot. (mp_powershot) Added Penalty Shootout mode after a draw. (mp_penalties) Added IOS Bots (see bots directory for more information). Added diving header animation. (mp_divinghdr, default is on). Added new team - USA (by KennY). Added mp_scorerceleb (if 0 whole team celebrates after a goal, default is everyone). Added mp_headtouch. Use to stop continual heading by the same player. (default is 3) Added mp_showoffside. Makes player glow red when in an offside position. (default is off) Added mp_ballfriction (0-10) 0=harsh,10=frictionless, default=7 Added 'assists' to scoreboard and goal display. Added names display in spectator mode. Added name display to show own team only if selected. Increased goal celebration time. Improved passing (damped head and chest passing and increased pass lookahead). Improved ball sheild. Improved human keepers to pass out after a catch. Improved throwins. Chooses player who was nearest when it happened. Improved own goal decisions. Improved human keepers ability to pick up slow moving balls on the ground. Improved bot keepers rejoin after map changes. (sv_addkeeper1, sv_addkeeper2, mp_keepers) Improved keeper animation. Reduced keepers pass when diving Fixed invisible ball bugs. Fixed pass after throw ins. Fixed keepers getting picked for free kicks. Fixed autobalancing of keepers. Fixed fog in Steam. Fixed offside bugs. Fixed bug hearing other team voice comms after being tackled.
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