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The Open Coop Mod Team has produced a mappack to go with their release of [file="79533"]OpenCoop (v2.0 Alpha)[/file] OpenCoop is a co-operative based mod for the popular id Software Game 'Doom 3'.
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It aims to provide the feel of the original single player maps in multiplayer. Maps that were already included in Mappack1.0 have been updated. The maps contained in this mappack, along with a brief description of each, include: [b]InHell[/b], Episode with 19 maps, by Doomi In the new episode you'll have to find your way without flashlight. You'll also miss the PDA and its helpful messages. You're all on your own. But you have unlimited stamina while finding your way through the forecourt of hell where you're trapped in! [b]Final Key[/b], Single Map, by Zombie For centuries the red planet had alluded the feet of mankind and drummed up strange fables of alien civilizations. In the early part of the 21st century several research missions were sent to explore the possibilities of alien life on Mars but something else was found instead... [b]Teh Base[/b], Single Map, by wARmAcH1n3 You are a security guard on one of multiple mars stations. You are just enjoying a holiday, when you get an emergency signal from one of your neighbour stations, which works on a secret project. Your mates are already on their way out there and you start to move your ass to this station to do your job. [b]Sigma Core[/b], Single Map by Quaker-X The Sigma Core extends the story of the game and offers up unique gameplay and visuals. There are plenty of enemies, and a long journey to keep you on your toes at all times. [b]Lost Facility[/b], 2 Maps, by Robert "BJA" Hodri This map is not ROE compatible and there are no plans for a conversion. The map is split into three parts: [list][*] "bja_lostfacility_intro" [*]"bja_lostfacility_part1" [*]"bja_lostfacility_part2"[/list] You can load each part seperately by just typing the mapnames in the console. [b]Evacuation Protocol[/b], Single Map by Guy Burkhart (bucket/bkt) You return to flickering lights, bad attitudes & a busted heating system. Home sweet home, except something didn't quite feel right. It was colder than usual, & there was a strange feel to the air... [b]Place of Malice[/b], RoE Single Map by Zombie Massive invasion of Mars facilities resulting in a 99.7% death rate among researchers and personnel. It is the worst space disaster in UAC history. [b]Once upon a time[/b], Single Map, by Thomas Creutzenberg A different time, a different world ... There you are. In the middle of nowhere. Your jeep just broke down next to the old complex which was invaded by enemy forces a long time before the eighth war. You need a new vehicle to escape ... and they know you're here ... [b]Tutorial 1-4[/b], Tutorialmaps for OpenCoop mapping OpenCoop is a co-operative based mod for the popular id Software Game 'Doom 3'. It aims to provide the feel of the original single player maps in multiplayer. The complete information for each map is contained within the download, along with credits. Refer to the readme for more information.
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