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If you played the original Battlefront then you'll probably remember a little mod called [url=;57758]"The Elite SIdes Mod."[/url] I do at
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least. Back in the day it was the [i]only[/i] Sides mod I would ever download and boy was it fun. Well now Delta Dash has conjured up [b]Elite Sides Mod II[/b] for Battlefront 2! Hoorah! I'll start off by saying that the file size is rather large. However that's expected since this [i]is[/i] a Sides mod. If your hard drive is a little low on memory it'd be best if you tried to free up some space if you're willing to give this mod a shot. Needless to say don't something silly like uninstall Battlefront 2. ;) For anyone who doesn't know, the Elite Sides Mods customize all of the units to become more "elite" soldiers of war. The weapons are a bit more advanced, the gadgets are cooler, and everything is basically pumped up on "Battlefront" steroids. Here's a list of all the specific changes that come with this mod. [quote]Changes: Classes: Republic Clone Trooper-DC-15A Blaster Rifle -DC-15S Blaster Carbine -(2)V-1 Thermal Detonators -(2)Detonation Packs Galactic Marine -PLX-1 Missile Launcher -DC-15S Blaster Carbine -(2)V-1 Thermal Detonators -(2)HX2 Antipersonnel Mines Republic Commando -DC-17m Blaster Rifle -DC-17m Sniper Rifle Attachment -DC-17m Anti-Armor Attachment -DC-15s Blaster Pistol -(2)Stealth Shadow Trooper -DC-19 Stealth Carbine -Disguise Kit -F-187 Fusion Cutter -(2)H/A Dispenser -(2)Autoturrets Arc Trooper -Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon -PLX-1 Missile Launcher -(2)EMP Wave -(2)Recon Droid Jet Trooper -DC-15A Blaster Rifle -CR-1 Blaster Cannon -(2)V-1 Thermal Detonators -(2)ZX Miniature Flame Projector CIS B-2 Super Battle Droid -Intigrated Blaster Cannon -(2)Intigrated Mini-Rocket Launcher B-1 Battle Droid -E-5 Rifle -E-60R Missile Launcher -(2)Deployable Turrets -(2)Class-E Thermal Detonators Bounty Hunter -DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle -SC Blaster Rifle -(2)Toxic Gas -(2)Recon Droid Geonosian Pilot -Geonosian Sonic Blaster -F-187 Fusion Cutter -Radiation Grenade Launcher -(2)Health and Ammo Dispenser Magnaguard -Bulldog Rocket Launching Rifle -Magnastaff Droideka -Repeaters -(2) Shield -CIS Marine (in space) has a new skin Rebel Alliance Spec Ops. Ranger -A280 Longblaster Rifle -DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol -(2)Class-E Thermal Detonators -(2)Detonation Packs Spec Ops. Vanguard -HH-15 Concussion Missile Launcher -DH-17 Blaster Pistol -(2)Class-E Thermal Detonators -(2)HX2 Antipersonnel Mines Spec Ops. Infiltrator -DLT-19 Sniper Rifle -Bothan Incinerator -(2)Stealth -(2)Deployable Turrets Rebel Smuggler -CR-1 Blaster Cannon -F-187 Fusion Cutter -(2)Health and Ammo Dispenser -(2)Recon Droid Bothan Spy -DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle -Disguise Kit -(2)TB-47 Time Bomb -(2)Bacta Cloud Wookie Warrior -Bowcaster Rifle -Melee Attack -Rebel Marine (in space) has a new skin Imperials Stormtrooper -E-11 Blaster Rifle -Mini-mag PTL Missile Launcher -(2)Baradium-Core Code Key Thermal Detonators -(2)HX2 Antipersonnel Mines Stormtrooper Sergeant -T-21 Light Repeating Blaster Rifle -E-11 Blaster Rifle -(2)Baradium-Core Code Key Thermal Detonators -(2)Detonation Packs Storm Commando -DLT-20a Sniper Rifle -E-11 Blaster Rifle -(2)Baradium-Core Code Key Thermal Detonators -(2)Stealth Imperial Engineer -DN Plasma Bolt Caster -F-187 Fusion Cutter -(2)Health and Ammo Dispenser -(2)Deployable Turrets Imperial Officer -V-6d Mortar Launcher -Q-2s5 Hold-Out Blaster -(2)Rally -(2)Recon Droid Dark Trooper -CR-1 Blaster Cannon -T-21 Light Repeating Blaster Rifle -(2)Baradium-Core Code Key Thermal Detonators Weapons: DC-15A Rifle: a slow-firing rifle, this rifle packs a punch. Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon (Chaingun): has 1000 ammo/clip, fires 166 rounds per second, and has a slightly lower damage. Have fun. A280 Rifle: see DC-15A All Pistols: now have ammo instead of overheat Lightsabers: No longer knock people down, but do more damage. Deflect Mode slowly regenerates stamina while gettings shot (and deflecting said shots) causes a minor stamina loss (beware of fast-firing guns) DN Plasma Bolt Caster: Can hit 10 targets close together, does slightly more damage SBD Blaster Cannon: Shoots 2 shots at a time, slightly apart from each other. Bowcaster: shoots 1 shot by default, shorter shot delay, as it charges it shoots more shots (SWBF 1 style) Vehicles: The Republic Gunship has a new skin (arc Gunship).[/quote] Now you understand why the file size is so darn huge, eh? Trust me, it's worth it. Naturally there are a few bugs. The mod obviously doesn't function with any user-made maps that contain custom units so don't try and play this mod on maps such as the ones in the Conversion Pack or Majin's ROTE maps. The Geonosian Engineer seems to be missing his wing texture. It's not a big deal, just something I noticed. That's about [i]all[/i] that I noticed, actually. [b]Important! [/b] Remember to make backups of all the files that the mod replaces. My recommendation would be to simply rename them so that you won't have to make unecessary copies which can take a while depending on how fast your computer is. The Elite Sides Mod II puts a unique spin onto the game and makes it so much more interesting. Once again it's fun to play shipped maps like the Tantive IV and Kamino thanks to the new units. My favorite weapon so far is the T21 and the disruptor rifle. I have yet to explore everything the mod has to offer but I can say without hesitance that this mod is pure fun. If you're looking for something new or something to spice up your game then this is the answer. Not much more can be said about that. Great work Delta! If there were any suggestions I could make it would be to vary the units a bit more per map as you did in the latest Battlefront installment. Also it'd be cool to see some more new skins. Again, great work Delta! -[GT]EraOfDesann PS: It should be noted that this is [i]not[/i] the final version!
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