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Say hello to reborn reskin #23256327. Give the author a break you say? It's his first skin you say? Well, he did ask to be critical because he wants to improve, ill do just that. [b]And so
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lesson one is such[/b]: Don't reskin reborns. While yes, they make great templates, use them for practice rather than a skin for release. And besides, reborns suck, they can barely wield lightsabers, they're dumb, and their laugh annoys the piss out of me. It's ok if you reskin it into something completely different though, after all, it's great for anything that wears armor. [b]Lesson two:[/b] There is rather low demand for recolors, try something more interesting. Create a whole new character, get creative damn it. And as far as I can tell, this skin simply recolors every red part green, along with some triangular patterns on his armor. [b]Lesson three:[/b] Team support and custom sounds. Custom sounds add personality to your skin, especially when your going for a completely new creature. I guess it doesn't apply here as it's still a reborn. Lack of team skins is also often frowned upon, even the most basic team recolor is better then nothing, and then every CTFer and TDMer has a use for your skin. [b]And finally lesson four:[/b] Package your skin correctly. This is a rather important part as it both affects user and reviewer response. For demonstration purposes, I shall give you a hypothetical badly packaged file, and describe how it affects it's appeal. First off, .RARs are a bad thing, the reviewer has two choices. Convert the file to a .zip, which can sometimes be a real pain, or leave it a .RAR, knowing that many people won't be able to open it as WinRar isn't as popular as WinZip. Fortunately for us, this file came as a .zip in the first place. Second come the screenshots, don't include them in your .zip or .rar, they take up unnecessary space and it's easier for us to have your screenshots as separate e-mail attachments. Next we go into the .pk3, the most common mistake is including the _humanoid folder. That's a big no-no, the _humanoid is a huge folder, often exponentially increasing the download size, and everyone who owns JKA already has it anyways, so we have to take it out. Sometimes people also include unnecessary sounds (not the case here) where all it takes is a one line change in the sounds.cfg, or none at all. In all honesty, I'm hoping the author will read this, because unless specified otherwise, everything I pointed out above applies to his submission. I do have to hand it to the author though, we have gotten much, much worse first attempts at skinning, and I personally appreciate the fact that he refrained from using the paintbucket. Team Support: No, New Sounds: No, Bot Support: No, ~Metall Pingwin
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