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*Draws walking stick* first review. For some reason, there was some weird error not allowing me to upload anything else, so I had to put this up. I checked first, of course, to make sure
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another staff member hadn\'t uploaded it before me, but that\'s all another story. Onto the review! ;) Where should I start? This mod is overflowing with really neat and interesting skins. Because there are so many files, I can\'t list them all here, but it\'s pretty good work. The CIS pack is mostly a chunk of recolored skins, like that green thermal detonator, a really bright SBD, and a few other things. But what really caught my attention here was the Magnaguard skin files. These were done with a texture of which makes me think of a rock, so you can get a Magnaguard with a rocky hull. Pretty neat, huh? For some reason I can\'t determine, Master Fionwë also stuck an Aayla skin in there. The only noticeable difference I can see is that it has darker blue skin. For the Republic side, there were a lot of Phase I ARC Trooper stripe reskins, and some were even two-tone type troopers. Basically, they\'d have, say, a blue stripe on their helmet and a red pauldron, or something along those lines. There were also a few Phase I skins, mostly of the sniper class\'s skin. What really got me here was the Shadow Trooper skin. It was an easy enough effect to obtain, using the negative-image feature found in PSP or maybe another program, whatever he used. However, I didn\'t recognize it as a Snow Trooper until I used the negative effect image to reverse the effect. Of course, I didn\'t save it, so no harm done. :cool: One last thing. If you\'re not a modder, this file will NOT work for you in any way, shape, or form. It\'s for replacing the default skins of the 501st when developing your own map or a side mod. It does nothing more. Master Fionwë was kind enough to leave us some of his ODF files used for a weapon he made, and it also includes the Force Wave ODFs. Again, modders are the only ones who may actually get some use out of this. Enjoy. ~Penguin Unit~
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