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From Readme: This is a complete replacement of QuickBattle. All aspects of QuickBattle are setup with a python script file - Since Version 2.0 you can configure most options from
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within a dialog. Look in Saffi's menu and press 'Configure'. You can add ships and systems by clicking on their buttons in the menus. When you add a ship, you must select it in the right menu and change its properties. You must at least set a starting system and a new position. Press 'Update' to make changes permanent. Press 'Close' to cancel any changes. Press 'Start' to load the new setup. The complete setup is written in a file called 'QBSetup.txt'. If you want to keep your setup rename it to something different. To start QBR with a saved setup, rename your file to '' and start a new QuickBattle mission from the BC main menu. The player ship's name must always be 'player'. All ships must have unique names. For friendly ships you might want to enter 'FleetAI' in the AI edit box. Neutrals don't have a default AI. They will just sit in space. You can create a custom AI with the SDK's AI editor for more interesting missions. If you create a wrong setup, BC might crash. (I was too lazy to add a validation routine. :)) Ship and system mods will be added automatically to their menus. Custom sounds and icons do not work for now. Unfortunately this mod is still completely incompatible with Dasher42's Foundation System. I sincerely hope this can be solved in the future.
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