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This is a mod for FoC. It changes a variety of attributes for the already in game units, it doesnt add any new units or planets, but rarther changes the way that the current ones perform. The
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purpose of this mod is to balance gameplay. List of changes: [quote](Alternate) Bonus Galactic Conquest Campaigns ------------------------------------------------------- This archive includes altered versions of Galactic Civil War and Consortium War, which were originally written by Grenademan, a.k.a. Commander Loony (see below). As in the original version, Galactic Civil War includes only Imperials and Rebels (no Zann). Both campaigns include all 55 planets. However, my alternates include the following changes. * Different starting locations and planets for each faction. Empire gets Coruscant (home planet), Abregado-Rae, and Fondor. Rebels get Bonadan (home), Dantooine, and Yavin. Zann (if available) gets Mandalore (home), Ryloth, and Geonosis. * Additional victory conditions. Besides controlling all planets, you can also win by ensuring that your enemies control no planets, or you can conquer the enemy homeworld(s) and leader(s) (i.e., guard your home planet zealously). General FoC Enhancements: Space Units ----------------------------------------------- * Vader spawns at Tech 1 in GCs now, and flies his TIE Advanced (which does slightly less damage now) throughout the campaigns. * So Piett, rather than Vader, gets the Executor (which you still have to buy @ Tech 5, and which now has a population value of 5). No Accuser. * Mara and Kyle (and his ship, the Moldy Crow) are enabled in GCs. * Luke's X-Wing does more damage now. * Nebulon-Bs are now a bit less tough than Victory-class destroyers (but still tougher than Acclamators). * Victory-classers and the Arc Hammer are slightly faster. * Victory-classers do slightly more damage, and the Arc Hammer slightly less, than before. * TIE Interceptors, Phantoms and Defenders do a bit more damage now, as do B-Wings. * Tartans still shoot farther than any other corvette, but no longer TWICE as far. (Before, they had an attack range as long as an Imperial Star Destroyer, which was silly.) * Crusaders do a bit less damage, and Interceptor frigates do just a bit more, than before. Tyber Zann's Flagship, The Merciless: NERFED FOR BALANCE --------------------------------------------------------------------- Yep, I thought that Tyber having an enhanced Krayt/Aggressor-class destroyer -- with a population value of 1, at Tech 1, for God's sake -- was just ridiculous in GC. So, I nerfed the Merciless down to an enhanced Vengeance-class frigate, which is still pretty powerful for Tech 1 (or even 2 or 3). Just not UNGODLY powerful like before. Enhanced how? Well, compared to a normal Vengeance, my Merciless is faster, does more damage, HAS SHIELDS, has a pop value of only 2 (rather than 3), and comes equipped with a cloak (rather than having to buy one on the black market). Meanwhile, on land, Tyber still only has a pop value of 1. General FoC Enhancements: Land Units ---------------------------------------------- * Luke, Kyle and Mara run a bit faster now. * Luke, Vader, Obi-Wan, Yoda and the Emperor all see farther now (i.e., reveal more of the Fog of War) ... because, you know, they're masters of the Force. * Gallofree and Juggernaut troop transports do less damage now. * Shield Flare on Gargantuan no longer has autofire capability. (Why would I want the AI to decide when to drain the shields?) * Mobile Defense Units, Rebel Light Tanks, and Imperial Repulsor Tanks all turn more slowly now. * Phase II and III Dark Troopers do slightly more damage now. * AT-STs do a bit more damage, and cost a bit more. * Veers' AT-AT does as much damage, and shoots as fast as, a regular AT-AT now. (Veers actually had LESS firepower than a standard AT-AT before, for some reason.) * Field Commanders are a bit tougher and see a bit farther. * Ewok "Handlers" are slower, because they're big fat disgusting slobs. * Canderous Tank does slightly more damage.[/quote] ~Scorpinox
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