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The perfect mod for you who simply wants to try out some new cool weapons - And act like a godlike magician on the battlefield. [b]Rating (Out of 10)[/b] [b]Tech:[/b] 8 (Nice work on the AI
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programming with the spells) [b]Balance:[/b] 0 (Add a new trooper to the game. Make the trooper super-powerful. Now make it so that the AI can use it well. Keep in oven for 20 minutes. Make so that only one side can use this unit. There, now all the balance in power amongst the sides should be removed!) [b]Quality:[/b] 8 (A wide array of beautiful spells from which each of them adds different gameplay.) [b]Fun Factor:[/b] 7 (Lots of different spells, but using them to win is too easy since your enemies are still the same as in the unmodded game) [b]Stability:[/b] 9 (Surprisingly stable! The only bug that I found was that if you summon the [i]Tenku Bridge[/i] a little here and there you can drive through some walls. I blame the game itself for that. Also, the normal Hero Assault crashes if you try to play that, but luckily the download includes a new map for that) [b]Creativity:[/b] 8 (Editing the Orbital Strike programming to make it possible to call down Comets... Very nice) [b]Installation Instructions:[/b] 10 (Perfect and understandable) [u][b]Overall Rating:[/b][/u] 8 This mod works for all maps where the rebel rocket user, rebel marine, Han Solo, Jedi Luke Skywalker (not pilot), Princess Leia, and Chewbacca is present. These units will be replaced by new units that can use several different [i]Magic Spells[/i]. The download also includes a Hero Assault version of Endor including all of these units. The readme contains detailed information on each spell, but the info on the units is a bit confusing, so I will supply you with that. Isn\'t that nice? [b]Original Unit - New unit[/b] [b]Rebel Rocket User - Mage Knight[/b] The most common magic user is also one of the most powerful. He looks like Luke but he moves like Darth Vader and carries a \"magic\" sword. He can use [i]Magic Fire[/i] (Cool blue flames that only hurts your enemies), [i]Rainbow Beam[/i] (A very powerful and accurate Chaingun shooting colorful... Orbs), [i]Meteor Storm[/i] (Summons Meters that rain down upon your enemy! *You must be outside to use this spell*) and [i]Divine Power[/i] (Causes a large explosion. Can be charged for a bigger blast and must be used outside). [b]Rebel Marine - Summoner[/b] This magician has the unique ability of being able to summon a spaceship anywhere and at any time. Looks like Luke but moves like Aylaa Secura. He uses [i]Tenku Bridge Summon[/i] (Makes a \"Heaven Bridge\" appear. It can be controlled like an X-Wing, but looks like a blue-ish fog when flying. Can kill enemies without aiming from great distances with electricity and shoot large orbs for tougher things, like taking down shields etc), [i]Rainbow Beam[/i] and [i]Fire Gem[/i] (Like a Time Bomb but with amazing destructive powers. Try shooting at it). [b]Han Solo - Master of Storm[/b] Looks like a cross between [i]Count Dokuu[/i] and [i]Raiden[/i] from Mortal Kombat. He can run very fast and use [i]Thunder[/i] (Summons down thunderbolts. Must be outside to use), [i]Lightning[/i] (Shocks all enemies surrounding him) and [i]Gale Force[/i] (Causes damage and blows enemies away. FAR away). [b]Luke Skywalker - Golem[/b] Cannot use magic, but takes little to no damage from enemy attacks and can kill enemies with one hit of his sword. Jump into the air and press attack to cause an Earthquake. [b]Leia Organa - Sage of Light[/b] Moves like Darth Vader and uses [i]Rainbow Beam[/i], [i]Light Ball[/i] (Shoots a large orb of light that destroys anything in its path. Overheats) and [i]Divine Power[/i]. [b]Chewbacca - Ifrit[/b] My favorite! This Guardian Force causes extra damage against veichles, moves like Darth Maul and can use [i]Fire Breath[/i] (An accurate Flame Thrower with great range), [i]Meteor Storm[/i] and [i]Eruption[/i] (Causes a MASSIVE pillar of fire to raise up from the ground, burning anything it touches to a crisp). There you go. I highly recommend that you try this mod out. My only regret is that you cannot play Campaign mode with this mod (Only works for the Rebels). - Super_Shadowman \"[i]Through the dark age and into the storm[/i]\"
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