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Magic Weapons: Hoth Combat


Here\'s a nice addition to the [b]Magic Weapons 2[/b] mod. You do [b]not[/b] have to have that mod installed to play, but you [b]can[/b] if you want to. This particular download actually contains
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a mini-mod and two maps modified for a better gameplay experience with it. First of all, the mod. It replaces Luke with the latest magician in the series, the [b]Master Summoner[/b]. This is already way better than the MagWpn 2 mod if you ask me, because now the AI cannot use the godlike magicians and things aren\'t horribly unbalanced. As a matter of fact, the Master Summoner does not have powerful spells like the Meteor or Eruption spells, so he is not much better than any of the normal heroes. Oh, who am I kidding? He is amazing. His main spell is the [b]Summon[/b] spell (Hence the name). With it you can summon allies to help you on the battlefield. And not just any allies, I\'m talking about two [i]Acklays[/i] and a squad of Jedi Knights so menacing that even the Insidious Emperor would run for the hills. They can be summoned anywhere and are guaranteed to make your Stormtrooper-slaying easier and more pleasurable. Just remember to turn off Friendly Fire, or their stay will be a short one! He also uses [b]Degenerate Magic[/b] (Weakens all enemies in a large radius), [b]Power-Up Magic[/b] (Strengthens every ally within a large area. Combine this with the [b]Summon[/b] spell to REALLY bring pain. Even the Acklays are affected!) and [b]Light Ball[/b] (Shoots a large ball of pure energy that sends every enemy not nailed down to the ground flying through the air Seagulls. And then crashing like the stock market 1929). He looks like Luke Skywalker but moves like Darth Maul. Did I mention that he has infinite stamina? Now for the maps. The first map, [b]Hoth Combat[/b] is mostly to show off the Master Summoner. It is just like the original Hoth map, but with three vital changes. 1. Master Summoner is the hero for the alliance. 2. The Empire has lots of more Reinforcements (In amount of points) 3. The Empire has lots of more Reinforcements (In amount of troops) Yep, your victory in this map will almost solely be resting upon your skill with using the Master Summoner! Unless you play as the Empire, that is - Then you can pretty much take a nap for 5 minutes and still win. Luckily for you, the Master Summoner is powerful, and what he cannot defeat he can just sick one of his summoned Jedi or Acklays at. Although you cannot screw around [b]too[/b] much, and if you lose the Summoner then you\'re toast. So unlike the [b]Magic Weapons 2[/b] mod, this one is actually somewhat of an challenge to complete! The next map is... You have all completed the Campaign mode, right? Do you remember the Naboo level, you know, the first one where you play as the Empire? Well this is that mission, just with new text added to the objectives, you fight AGAINST the empire and something unexpected happens during the end. Instead of the queen of Naboo and her bloody legion of about 1000 Jedi bodyguards appearing you get to fight Magicians and the Emperor. These Magicians must have spent too much time with the old man, \'cause all they do is run around and electrify stuff. It is pretty much impossible to defeat the Emperor (And fulfill the last objective) due to a massive increase in his health (The guy survives a MINE AND A ROCKET TO THE HEAD!) unless you play as the Master Summoner (Who is the hero on this map). He can just stand on a distance and shoot energy balls at the poor Emperor until he dies. But you have to be fast, or your points will run out due to the mass-electrocution that the Magicians are enforcing. All in all... Yeah, pretty nice. Since this download is considerably smaller than the [b]Magic Weapons 2[/b] mod, download it and try it out. If you happen to like it, you MUST check out the MagWpn 2 mod since it is pretty much the same thing just much bigger, much better and much, much, MUCH less balanced. - Super_Shadowman \"[i]The ends a miracle - Dream on if you daaaaaaaare[/i]\" (Sorry for the rather unsuccessful upload of this file earlier. I have no idea what happened)
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