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The first notable difference for this mod is the name of the developer...Some of you will notice that the previous versions of the Combat Revolution Mod were created by [b][i]Cheats Domain
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Coding[/i][/b], while this one was created by [b][i]Pilla Soft Coding[/i][/b], (I'll wait while to scroll up to confirm this.......ok, ready?) No need to worry, another team has [u]not[/u] taken over production, it's the same people, they just changed their name. Now that we have covered the [i]obvious[/i] change, lets look at the [i]important[/i] changes...the developer of this mod has stated that this version is a tweaked version of v3.00, but with a number of fixes and addirtions, alot of work has also gone into removing all of the kinks and bugs, and with this note, he lives a tip: Cover plays a [b]vital[/b] role, if your troops are in the open they will be destroyed! [b]Some general changes in this version include:[/b] All Mortar ranges greatly increased Removed Warstaff's Advanced AI Mod v1.2, Reverted to version 1 Mortors more effective against vehicles AI Made slightly easier to play against Tanks are a rarer Better Axis/Allied Flags Grenades Free Force troops to prone by pressing ' T ' when you have troops selected Removed Remainder of Unit Occlusion Increased weapon ranges...mainly Tank guns All Mortar ranges greatly increased Removed Warstaff's Advanced AI Mod v1.2, Reverted to version 1 [b]Some class specific changes include:[/b] AXIS: All Axis Squads are much larger than allie squads Re-Did Stuka Accuracy AI Use V1 Rocket New Squad - Iron Cross Paratroopers Re-Did Nebel Accuracy Bulgian Gates defense added Added better building skins Different Vehicle Skins ALLIES: Howitzer Range Increased Added Tracer Effect to Strafing Run Sticky bombs/stachel chargers cheaper Airborne drop with 12 men now Howitzer Buildable Riflemen now have larger hitpoints....can stand to fight better Delta Force have larger hitpoints...can stand to fight better Quad .50cal Upgrade more expensive ...And many more! This mod is compatible with all versions of [i]Company of Heroes[/i], including 1.71. A side note about this mod, that explains the mod-team name change is that the developer will no longer be updating the Combat Revolution Mod, after they release a planned patch for this mod, they will be focusing their attention on a new Combat Revolution Mod for [b][i]Company of Heroes:[/b] Opposing Fronts[/i]! [u]Developer's Note[/u]: They wish to apologise for the size of this mod, however, there will be no Lite version made available...[i]" PSC - Pilla Soft Coding, appoligise for the large file size download, but unfortunatly no LITE version will be avalible. But we are commencing work on Combat Revolution: The shattering of Countrys, for Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts"[/i] Refer to the readme for a whole plethora of information.
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