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Hot off the FTP, we have an awesome sound mod that is sure to enhanse your Doom III gaming experience past the point of what you've enjoyed in the past! Calling this download a [i]sound mod[/i] is a
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tad-bit misleading, as it is responsible for a number of changes and enhansements..not all of them dealing with sounds...more on that later. The last update this mod saw was in June of 2006, when [b]Zakyrus[/b] came out with [file="66876"]Zakyrus's High-Definition Sound MOD (666B)[/file], since then, Zakyrus has revisited it, and made a few changes / tweaks to it and released an updated version. [b]Some of the canges to this mod include:[/b] Reduced volume for player metal steps! Added a .efx file for! (Better environmental fx sound!) The main change Zakyrus Ultra-Scary Sound Mod (v1.0) will be responsible for is that it will enhance the sound effects for all voices, cinematics, and much, much more! In all cinematics you can hear footsteps sounds, environment sounds, and everything else alot better. Also, keep in mind that if you check out the sounds, you'll notice that some have been [i]replaced[/i] with silence. [b]Some of the features of this mod include:[/b] All voice sound effects are converted from mono to stereo. (You might not always notice the difference, but it's there.) In Mars_City1 you can hear the guards' reaction to the flailing zombie in the infirmiry. Imps won't scream at you EVERY time they throw a fireball. (YAY! THE ANNOYANCE IS GONE!) Zombie sound effects are replaced with Resident Evil 2 zombie sounds. Headless zombie sound effects have a gross gurgling sounds (thanks to my mic. and Mt. Dew!) Anytime you hear someone getting brutally torn apart, I mixed in monster sounds, monster attack sounds, bloodsplat sounds, and corpse being dropped on the ground.... and more screaming of course! [b]Other changes contained in this mod include:[/b] The scary jump animation (jumps upwards instead of diving at you) Imps don't play "scream" sound everytime they throw a fireball. Imp stats tweaked. The imps will crawl_run on the floor when far away and stand up and fight when in close range. The rest of the models are just enhancements that change how fast the imp moves for each particular animation. English Voices Pack - enhanced way beyond the originals! Many, many sounds mixed into them, scary as hell! This is definately a [u]must have[/u] for any Doom III fan! Get your copy now, and avoid the long line ups! Thanks to Dafama2K7 for his work in getting this to us! Refer to the readme for more information.
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