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Battlefield 2: Australian Forces is a singleplayer and multiplayer modification for the team-based modern warfare game Battlefield 2. The aim of the Australian Forces modification is to replace the
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United States forces with Australian forces; including new player, weapon and vehicles skins, HUD changes, and new weapons and vehicles. Changelog: Version 1.01 --------------------------------- - Added: F89 Minimi - Added: Gsid\'s added for maps - Added: Highway Tampa map - Added: Intro video - Added: Kubaysah Cement Factory Night map - Added: Night Vision Goggles - Change: Ability to throw Ammo/Medipacks removed - Change: Australian soldier face textures changed - Change: Australian Spec Ops have M203 Grenade Launchers - Change: Autocannon removed from F111 - Change: Bushmaster armour increased - Change: Bushmaster less likely to roll - Change: Carl Gustav/RPG-7 rocket speed/damage increased slightly - Change: Client Overgrowth ViewDistance reduced on Battle for Termez - Change: Client Overgrowth ViewDistance reduced on Kubaysah Cement Factory - Change: Client Overgrowth ViewDistance reduced on Salh Al Abbah - Change: Crosshairs removed from handweapons - Change: Damage on Steyr F88 increased - Change: Enemy nametags removed - Change: F-111 handling improved - Change: Grenade reload times increased - Change: Hit direction replaced with red damage flash - Change: Improved handling on Civilian pickup - Change: Improved MRH-90 skin - Change: Improved Steyr F88 models - Change: Improved Stinger 3P Zoom animations - Change: Improvement to Heavy Woodlands camo - Change: In-vehicle ability radius decreased for Medics, Engineers and Support - Change: M1A1 texture change - Change: M1A1 turret turn speed increased - Change: M4A1 model changed - Change: M72/RPG-18 firing volume increased - Change: M72/RPG-18 rocket speed/damage increased slightly - Change: M72/RPG-18 rounds reduced to 1 - Change: Medikit and Ammo bag affect radius reduced - Change: Mod made more compatible with Linux servers - Change: MRH-90 rotor blur mesh raised - Change: New AK sounds - Change: New Browning HP sounds - Change: New Carl Gustav sounds - Change: New M4A1 sounds - Change: New Steyr F88 sounds - Change: New USP sounds - Change: Recoil on Minimi F89 reduced - Change: Recoil on Steyr F88 reduced - Change: Steyr F88 sounds consolidated to conserve memory - Change: Stinger/SA-7 rounds reduced to 1 - Change: Tiger-ARH rotor volume decreased - Change: Vehicle drop added to Gulf Of Oman - Change: Vehicle drop added to Kubra Dam - Change: Vehicle drop added to Mashtuur_City - Change: Vehicle drop added to Operation_Clean_Sweep - Change: Vehicle drop added to Road_To_Jalalabad - Change: Vehicles removed from Kubaysah Cement Factory map - Change: Weapon damage increased by approximately 25% - Change: Zoom readded to M72/RPG18 - Fix: ATV reverse speed lowered - Fix: Carl Gustav 3P reload sound - Fix: Change to M1A1 driver camera and HUD - Fix: F-111 Pilot 1P cockpit appeared black on low settings - Fix: Installer now creates shortcut on desktop - Fix: Resolved EnvMap issue with Al Asad Night - Fix: Resolved issue with Civilian Pickup appearing with 3 wheels - Fix: Resolved issue with \'dump and burn\' on F111 - Fix: Resolved player exit issue on F-111 - Fix: Resolved player exit issue on MEC Technical - Fix: Resolved right rear wheel LOD displacement on Civilian pickup - Fix: Stock map files recompressed - Fix: Ticket bleed on Al Asad Airfield 32 player - Fix: Vehicle drop crash on Kubaysah Cement Factory - Fix: Vehicle drop crash on Salh Al Abbah - Fix: Wrong wreck texture on Civilian pickup
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