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Hot on the heals of v0.11, Revolucion09 has released an updated version that comes coplete with a number of changes and fixes...all designed to increase your [i]Company of Heroes[/i]
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enjoyment. For those of you that need a refresher in what this mod is all about, Revolucion09 is one of those gamers that like to play something that is a little different from the norm, so when skirmish maps started to loose there lure, he began work on a new mod that changes the basic gameplay and enhances it, with the hopes of creating a more addictive and fun game! [b]Some of the features that this mod has taken on are:[/b] Squad Sizes Increased, Changed their orders on Buildings, changed their Veterancy Values and Differences (Now Tanks don't "Increase" their damage if they're higher ranked, but they will move more efficiently on roads or have a better accuracy) Added features and enhancements to focus the strategy of players into the combat, and not much about resources, upgrades or buildings New Squads that give weaponry and tactic variations Squad upgrades to keep some elite squads for your self Intensity of game increased maintaining balance Weaponry enhanced for realism (for example M1 Garand fires like a semi-automatic rifle and not like bolt-action, or MP40 being dangerous at short ranges) Sight and Weapon ranges increased (tanks now don't fire up to 20 meters) Tank Penetration System: Health bars on tanks are now useless, since a single fire may penetrate armour And more! The Enhanced Warfare Mod will offer an interesting change from what is currently available; Let the anticipation of a whole new [i]Company of Heroes[/i] experience take hold and start your download now, and be prepared for the adventure that awaits. [b]Some of the changes in this version include:[/b] Adjusted Accuracy of tanks against moving Infantry Increased Base Fuel Income for all Players (as Tanks are easly destroyed sometimes, they should be more in the battlefield) Reduced Infantry Upkeeps Increased AI's capture rate in early game Forced AI to do some tasks in early game (Capture tasks, buy recommended squads when beginning, building and some upgrades which are chosen randomly) Incrased AI's base difficulty (Now AI is Challenging somehow) Added realistic and balanced values when tanks and armoured cars attack infantry in cover. Infantry in Cover now is very important to survive. [b]Some of the fixes included are:[/b] Fixed Allied and Axis Engies when getting Flamethrowers Increased Buildings resistance Fixed Bunkers Costs Increased AT, Bunkers and Flak Guns resistance Fixed bug on Ostwind Penetration values Fixed Panzer Elite bug when non-building Refer to the readme for more information.
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