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Here we have a pack of four related skins -- mostly related in story, because the similarities between the actual skins themselves is questionable. I guess the idea behind these skins is that it\'s a
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jedi who turned sith who turned... sith trooper? Maybe I have something backwards, but in any case there\'s the normal skin, the skin with the armor and no helmet, the Jedi version of the skin, and the Sith version of the skin. The original skin is a simple shadow trooper reskin. The abdomen area has been colored blue, a couple of red lines have been painted onto the armor, and the helmet is black, red, and a psychedelic gradient with a strong yellowish-green tendency. Not exactly the most color-coordinated outfit ever, but whatcha gonna do? The next skin is a Jedi reskin that attempts to make it look the previously mentioned skin without the helmet. Now I (and I\'m sure all of you) have seen this exact same kind of skin several times over, and let me tell you that I\'ve seen it executed [i]far[/i] better than this. The only thing that comes close to being properly aligned with the model is the torso. That\'s mainly because the author didn\'t [i]attempt[/i] to align it -- he just stuck the texture in there and must not have noticed that the texture maps for the two models are different. The same misalignment can be seen on the legs, and unfortunately the next skin -- the Jedi version -- uses the same misaligned leg textures, so it\'s basically the Jedi with the grey/black shirt and the crazy misaligned shadow trooper legs. The last skin is a reborn with some weird filters on it, and I honestly can\'t see any correlation between it and the three previous skins. We\'ll have to take his word for it. All in all I\'d say that his ideas may have been good, but he really needs to gain a better understanding of how skinning works before trying to put out anything else. Misalignments like this are something that should be fixed before released, not ignored. If you don\'t understand how texture maps work ask someone! We\'d rather help you make something good than watch you put out something that doesn\'t match. Also, one last note: don\'t edit bots.txt -- it only really screws up the bot list. Use a .BOT file in the scripts folder and a .JKB bot personality file in the bots folder. Bots.txt should never need to be included. [b]Team Support[/b]: No [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes ~Inyri
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