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Ballistic mod


Description: ============ The main motivation behind this mod is the overuse of hitscan weapons. Sure, they are easy to implement, but they lack realism. A bullet is a material particle,
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having a finite speed and a finite mass. Therefore, a bullet needs some time to reach a target. Also the shooter should aim higher to make sure that his bullets will reach the target. Also you will be able to use meelee weapons also as projectiles, ie: throwing knifes, or throwing the spear (predator), or use the disc to slash oponents (meelee weapon). Silenced weapons were added, and the single player weapon sets were changed so that these added weapons can be seen in the vanilla campaigns, ie: in the \"Betryal\" marine mission. No, you do not get any character skins on this mod. The focus for this mod is weapons, not character skins. The following changes were done: Overall ------- - used the alpha channel to make weapons more shiny/metallic - knife - smartgun - minigun - wristblades - disc - predator pistol - spear - hotbomb Marine & Corporates ------------------- - the HUD layout was changed: - health and armor counters are now in the lower part of the screen - the crosshair for pulse rifle and grenade launcher were changed to help aiming in long range hits using grenades Changed weapons: - All projectile based weapons, except SADAR and shotgun pelee are balistic (affected by gravity and having a finite velocity) - the minigun, smartgun and exosuit minigun fire tracer rounds - for some weapons, the crosshair was removed and replaced by ironsights - regular pistol - shotgun - the knife can be thrown (ALT-FIRE; the throw can be charged) - the shotgun can use in adition rubber bullets, to stun enemies - the minigun fires at a rate of 4000 rounds per minute and has a maximum of 300 rounds of ammo and has a stronger recoil - the sound of the EMP grenades is more \"electric\" - the exosuit minigun fires at a rate of 3750 rounds per minute. Added weapons: - silenced pistol (detachable silencer) - jackhammer automatic shotgun (uses regular shells) - tactical pulse rifle (scope and silencer - two versions, one for corps and one for marines) - silenced rail gun (two versions, one for corps and one for marines) - hand grenades (uses same grenades as the grenade launcher) Added MP characters - Shugi - Recon (marine). Uses silenced weapons - Light Exosuit (marine). Can use regular napalm and minigun ammo - Seyri - Infiltrations (corporate). Uses silenced weapons - Synthetic Unit 396 (corporate). Cannot be set on fire or facehugged Alien ----- Added weapons: - The predalien has now the ability of tearing the head off of an oponent. Changed weapons: - Tail does progressive damage. Changed characters: - The Praetorian can wall-walk. Predator -------- Changed weapons: - both spears and hotbombs are now affected by gravity - the spear can be thrown - the disk can be used as meelee weapon Added weapons: - suicide (requires a full energy bar) Known issues: ============= - repeated change of character type under MP may lead to a crash to desktop - the hud may load the wrong images - the weapon counter for the silenced pistol doesn\'t work with the silencer removed - removing the silencer then selecting another weapon results (when selecting the pistol again) in having the pistol with the silencer on but acting un-silenced. - the blue sparks from the energy device are tinted with ambient light.
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