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Of Gods And Mortals Pre-Demo Beta


Of Gods and Mortals - Pre-DEMO Public Beta Welcome to the OGAM Public Beta created by the OGAM Team. Please take a moment to read this readme before installing the game and playing even if your
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anxious to get started. Now, this game was announced early this year and has been in rapid development for some time. At last the game has its first completed land for your enjoyment and there alot of new features in it already. My first goal was to bring back gods to the game since this was one thing that BnW2 lacked in terms of a god game. This was achieved through a user-friendly script called God AI that handles all the aspects and attributes of a god. The script also presented allies and enemies which allows the player to choose who they want to become friends with by coming to that god\'s aid or making enemies. The second thing that came along was the ability to construct buildings that have been placed through script or by the player. This realism brings these gods closer to what is to be achieved and much more is to come. The second goal was to bring in the fun factor to the game, a meaningful approach that would allow the player to fully customise their experience so that they may choose the path they follow and all cases will have consequences and rewards in terms of story quests and basic aspects of the game changing and shaping with the player\'s actions that they take. The third and final goal was to have a story that not only has many ways of playing but also contains a non-linear gameplay story that ultimately leads to the final but through how the player chooses. This has not been included yet. You may notice as well that there is only one landscape in the DEMO. This is because there is no decided gameplay flow and some barriers like the Goddess and mini-parts of land stories have not been confirmed yet but I am still willing to give everyone a go at the game before anything is confirmed so that you guys may give your last opinions and further input for the game. And so through all the bickering, traumas and nightmares that ToTC had brought to me I was able to sit down and think about how I would be able to put together a game for everyone and here it is, Of Gods and Mortals.
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