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Yah, I done' like to thank all yall for downloadin' this. Special thanks goes to "Laid to R3st" for being the first to rate the previous version and giving me some real good ideas on how to
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improve it. Alright, so I think I've figured out all the bugs; heaven forgive me if I didn't. I playtested each scenario over four times just to make sure there's no problems. _________________________________________________________________________ So here's an overview of what you just downloaded: This "trilogy" contains Blackcreek Mercenaries parts 1&2, along with the highly anticipated Part 3. Part 1 has been updated to include cinematics, new terrain, and all the bugs should be worked out. (It's possible that part 1 might not work; I've had numerous problems with that file in the past). Part 2 has all kinds of new cinematics and objectives, it's almost like a different map (Extreme Makeover: Age of Empires Edition). Part 3 is a brand new scenario. It's the stunning conlusion to this chapter of Blackcreek Mercenaries. _________________________________________________________________________ Copy all the files to your "documents\my games\age of empires 3\scenario" folder. If you've downloaded any previous versions of Blackcreek Mercenaries, delete the old files first. _________________________________________________________________________ Tips: Here's some important tips Part 1: Be sure to build a market; it'll probably be your best friend. Also, part 1 isn't absolutely required to play part 2 (regarding the storyline, that is). So if for some reason you get bored of part 1, or if part 1 doesn't work, you can just skip to part 2. Part 2: The enemy will probably be constantly attacking you until you reach the third age. Try to advance to the third age as fast as possible, and send military shipments from your home city. There are a couple of allied guards that will help you defend your town. One of the secondary objectives (without giving too much away) requires you to destroy some stockades along the trade route. Be sure to use a small army with some artillary, if possible. Also, doing this objective will distract the enemy, at least for a while. Part 3: There are several river crossings, all of which are guarded by the enemy. The river crossing to the north is the least protected. Also, keep a close eye on your coin levels until you reach the third age; there are no coin mines on the map and your only early source of coin is some crates located elsewhere on the map. Your settlers cost an extra 50 coin (they are effective in combat though) so if you spend too much coin on settlers you might not be able to advance to the third age and you will have lost. _________________________________________________________________________ Here's the set-up for the storyline, for those who haven't downloaded previous Blackcreek Mercenaries: You lead a mercenary organization and you've been hired by the British to get rid of some pirates that took over a south atlantic island military base. Unfortunately, your ship fleet was ambushed en route by the pirates. You'll have to use the few troops that survived to defeat the enemy. _________________________________________________________________________ Thanks everybody for downloading this. Again, thanks goes to "Laid to R3st" for the ideas. And another thanks goes to all yall for having the patience to read this big long text file. P.S. Million bucks goes to the first person who can correctly guess what the "main island" in part 1 was patterned after. (Alright, mabye not a million bucks; just bragging rights) REVIEW: Note: This review is for level three only. FunFactor: 8 The map was fun and interesting to play. Stability: 6 The main problem was lag near the end. Balance: 8 The balance was just right: not too hard but not too easy either. Its only problem was that the British had HUGE forces and a big base. Creativity: 10 It was very creative. The map was original, as was the main idea. Item Placement: 8 Good map. The forked river was a nice addition, as were the bridges. The forests were decent, and the British fortress was quite good. The walls fit together, and the palace was a nice bit of building meshing. Much better than before. Instructions: 8 The story was good and easy-to-follow. Well explained. Good job on learning cines! Additional Comments: You've improved hugely, sawyer. I can't wait to see your update of hole-in-the-foot. Reviewed by randomjack (Heaven Games)
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