Knights of the Old Republic

Bastila\'s Single Saber


Let’s go back and recall the BINK video where Bastila confronts Darth Revan with a band of Jedi. You will see that Bastila has a single bladed lightsaber instead of a double-bladed that she has when
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playing the game. Why is that different you ask? Well, it has been a year since that event when you start playing [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i], which means she decided to upgrade in a way. DarthJebus05 returns to the modding scene with a mod that gives Bastila a single bladed lightsaber instead of the her traditional double-bladed when you rescue her. Well, sort of in a way. The author edited her UTC file instead of Brejik’s. Brejik is the leader of the Black Vulkars and is carrying Bastila’s lightsaber. Kill him and you get her yellow double-bladed lightsaber. This will still happen anyway. So if you go through that scene and wonder where the single bladed lightsaber is, it will show up after you go back to the hideout as it will drop into your inventory or in Bastila’s right hand. If you look at the screenshot the author provided and read the readme file, it won’t be exactly how you see it. Somewhere the author made two versions. One for either himself or the one he was going to release and took the screenshot with that. The version the author released is not a green lightsaber. It’s a cyan one instead. She will not have a robe as the author says she will. She’ll still be equipped with default clothing and be wearing the Bastila style robe since that is her default clothing. The author did take my advice and edit Bastila’s UTI lightsaber file for the Leviathan cut scene with Darth Malak. The author did change it to a single blade, but it’s still yellow. So if you’re still carrying a cyan with her, she will switch to yellow for the scene. Take it as you will, the good news is if you want to be able to have Bastila use a single bladed lightsaber right when you get her, this mod will do that for you. Just remember she’ll have a red double-bladed lightsaber later on no matter what. ;) Enjoy the mod! :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. -Shem
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