Knights of the Old Republic

Two Alternate Endings


Sometimes when you watch a movie, you sometimes wish there was an alternate ending, right? When playing [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i], we tend to look at that game as one big movie because of
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all the story that goes behind it. There are two different endings; one is the light side ending and the other is the dark side ending. Wouldn’t it be something to have different options for each ending? *[b]SPOILERS[/b]* will be mentioned in this review, so if you haven’t finished the game and don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you turn back this page now. Besides, this is a mod you shouldn’t play with until you have finished the game at least once anyway. Kristy Kistic is back with a wonderful mod. There are two new optional endings; one for each different ending (one light side, one dark side). Let’s first discuss the new light side ending. The option you get here is to redeem Darth Malak. At the end of the game, Revan was redeemed and Malak mentions that he wonders what his fate would have been if their roles have been reversed. Kristy made it possible to not only save Malak, but to redeem him to the light side. This means you will see Malak with our heroes at the celebration presented by Admiral Dodonna and Master Vandar. Kristy even went as far as altering some of Malak’s audio dialogue to fit the new dialogue to redeem the Dark Lord. It really sounds good and it sure beats mute dialogue. Now let’s talk about the second alternate ending option. This one could get a little tricky since more conditions have to be met in order for it to work. This is the alternate dark side option which allows you to have Carth join your cause and actually be there with Revan and Bastila at the end. The conditions that have to be met is your Revan has to be female. You must romance Carth into falling in love with Revan. If you have successfully done this before, you will already know that Carth will show up by the Ebon Hawk after you defeat Darth Malak. This time you can convince Carth to join the dark side and rule at your side. If you wanted one or both of these types of endings in your game, Kristy has now provided that for you. Enjoy the new endings! :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. -Shem
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