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Description: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank You for Downloading! Simply extract the .rar, run the installer and activate the mod via the
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Custom Game Menu to play! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This mod aims to satisfy a need for realism, while also enhancing the overall gaming experience with AI tweaks and Vehicle changes to make Battlefield 1942 a lot more fun. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDED: New Map: Operation Barbarossa (.rfa filename is Powerhouse) New Map: Voiselles New Map: Niedersachsen New Map: El Maziz New Map: Deadly Pass New Map: Bougainville (All of the above feature SP support - Except Bougainville) New Vehicle: de Havilland Mosquito New Vehicle: Messerschmitt BF110 New Vehicle: Douglas C-47 New Vehicle: Sturmgeschutz IIIG New Vehicle: PaK 40 New Vehicle: AT25 New Weapon: Bren LMG New Weapon: Sten SMG New Weapon: Bayonet for both K98 and No4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHANGES: All tanks have correct main gun ammo loadouts All Aircraft have historically accurate Armaments and ammo Market Garden Is More Realistic (Play it and find out!) Many new textures applied (With thanks to Jingo and others) Aircraft handle and fly more realistically Many map changes (Mainly object spawns) This mod also includes Grenademans AIE42 AI tweaks All vehicles and weapons have more accurate names Added New maps to campaign, which is now accurate ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUES: So far we have tested and found no major bugs, if you do find them, please tell us so we can fix them up. Bug: No menu movie or unique music (This is a WIP) NOTE: Some Weapons are missing crosshairs, they are supposed to be like this since some are unnecessary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS With Thanks to: Jingo (Most of the new Skins) Mantidae (The Spitfire and Mosquito Skin used on Niedersachsen) Killah (The Yoxford Boys mustang skin) These guys provided some great textures, and my thanks goes out to each of them. Battlefield Singleplayer Anyone who helped me with the AI on some of my maps is a true champion Dnamro, for some great tutorials on AI And finally, Grenademan, For testing the maps, and tweaking the AI 'til it could be tweaked no more. Thanks for letting me use those great AIE42 changes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DISCLAIMER If you screw up your BF1942 installation by installing this mod, though It is your fault entirely, please let me know, it may be a common bug. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT You can get to me (Aussie Dan) and Grenademan through Battlefield Singleplayer Forums: Or by emailing me (Aussie Dan) at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOD TEAM Aussie Dan Grenademan Plus, Any contributers to this mod (Mainly the textures, but including tutorial writers and helpers!)
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