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If you enjoyed [file=\"84238\"]Main Railway Line (v1.1)[/file], then you\'re in for a treat! Mariankozyr is back to satisfy your [b]Company of Heroes[/b] craving with a new version of this popular
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map; This one, ready and waiting for your downloading pleasure, is an updated large 3v3 player map loaded with features and resources! [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Less strategic points Still a lot of resources There are now some victory points , so you can play anihilate or control points game Plus many other changes The means are present in Main Railway Line to do your battles how you want...whether it be with Infantry, tanks, or whatever; As you may have guessed, the object of this map is to control as many bridges as you can, and terrorizing the enemy is always good! If you can keep them off balance, and on the defense, it gets increasingly hard to mount an offensive...but then, anything is possible! Main Railway Line is located somewhere near an industrial complex which is a main railway line structure with lots of resources. The Axis and Allies have to cross the river to get there, which is also a natural border between both sides of the conflict. With the amount of changes made in this version, many of you will find that the gameplay is drastically different...almost like a new map... [b]Changes in this version include:[/b] Each side has two bridges connecting territories with the industrial complex. Now only railway bridges are destructable The main bridge (the one with road and a railway) has some tank traps from both sides, so players won\'t be able to attack enemy bases in the early game phase with vehicles. Between the main bridge and foot bridges in the map\'s centre, there is a passage where players can cross the river, this is a very important strategic place for the whole battle Each side have some weapons that they can crew near the front line. These are: 1 Flak 88 1 Howitzer 1 Antitank gun A few flakvierling guns Howitzers are hidden very well and it won\'t be easy to destroy them The developer optimized the map by moving out some \"heavy\" objects, this gave me some possibility to make the map more detailed with many strategic things like fences, walls, buildings, ditches etc. The developer reduced a number of strategic/resource points. If you still think you have what it takes to be victorious, then click that download button now. Refer to the readme for more information.
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