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First, a word of warning. This file will kick your .npc extensions count up quite a bit, so if you already have a lot of custom NPCs, you may want to either avoid this or remove all your current ones
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first. My review of the previous release: [quote]Right. So. Bottom line. Jawa reskin that looks like it got on the wrong side of the Grove Street kids, 'cuz the poor thing is splathered in spraypaint. Five NPCs which appear balanced but in practice are more than powerful enough to wipe you out without you ever having a chance of winning - the saber-wielding Jawas in particular, defeated Desann effortlessly. As far as I can tell - judging from the fact the reskin is supposed to be "savage looking" - the red spraypaint stuff is intended to be blood, but obviously it didn't turn out that way. That's okay, though, blood is a real bitch to get right. As a spraypaint effect it doesn't quite look bad, if that's any consolation. Otherwise, it's just the same old Jawa. Now, onto the NPCs. They'll kick your arse seven ways south of Amsterdam. They have force powers and they know how to use them, they have enhanced regen like all NPCs, godlike reflexes compared to you, and obviously there's the hit detection hax that the AI uses since if it were on equal terms, the NPCs wouldn't be able to hit the flight deck of an aircraft carrier that they were standing on. The Jawas are beatable, just tough. Pretty much Desann with a wider range of tricks up their sleeves. So, if you want some Jawas to deathmatch with, have at it. ~ Kouen[/quote]Now, what's different, you ask? Well, a "god" Jawa that's even more difficult than the previous ones - the author's adamant it can be defeated, but in a one-on-one without using a single cheat or admin function, you'll be hard pushed. I wouldn't say it's a matter of skill, really, because we all know that when NPCs are involved baseJA basically comes down to stats more than anything (except in MP, where they cheat), and this dude's stats.... Let's just say they'd kick him out of the Olympics for usage of unauthorised substances. Do Jawas even [i]have[/i] an equivalent of steroids? The "gangster" Jawa is basically a weakling, "gangster_leader" isn't that much tougher, "civil" is pretty much taking some drug that enhances his speed, and the "cop" Jawa is pretty much the JA equivalent of WoW's Mini Zergling. That makes eleven Jawa types in total. Double that to twenty-two, since there are "good" versions of each one, too. They also all use the exact same skin as the last release, too. So, pretty much the same as before. Have fun! ~ Kouen [b]Custom Sounds:[/b] No [b]Team Colors:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] Evidently.
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