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If you're anything like DIzwiz2000, you want a little [i]more[/i] out of the weapons when your trying to enjoy your [b]Company of Heroes[/b] game. As it tuns out, he was tired of all tanks having
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the same range and none of them having anywhere near enough firepower, and he states that he wasn’t a big fan of the people walking through hails of MG fire without getting hurt either. So he decided to do a little research and make the weapons far more accurate as far as reality is concerned, and here we have the result of that research, added with some talent....the Authentic Weapons Mod! All of the tanks have had a complete overhaul including weapon damage, range, rate of fire, penetration power, and accuracy as well as speed, armor, health, and the effect of hitting side and rear armor so flanking wont just make a fight shorter it will change the outcome 90% of the time. Also small arms will actually be effective at the 200+ yards that most engagements started at in open environments as well as being devastatingly potent in point blank urban battles so no more running across the street in front of a machine gun with no consequences. [b]Some of the changes this mod will make include:[/b] All tanks have far greater range ranging anywhere from 1.5x the original to the king tigers 4.5x Almost all weapons do far more damage and penetrate far more realistically (i.e. no more point blank Panther shots bouncing off a Sherman’s side armor. Some units have had their hp and armor changed most notable are the Sherman and Tiger the prior of which is now far less resistant to tank fire except in the front and latter is more resistant except in the rear where armor was weak. Accuracy has been tweaked quite a lot so don’t expect Tigers to miss shots very often (only elite crews were allowed into Tiger Grouppen and the guns were very accurate) All allied armor is cheaper because it simply was cheaper to build allied armor than it was to make panzers they also take less population which allows for use of classic 3-4:1 tactics against heavy panzer formations. The tank depot is also cheaper because its cost was preventing the allies from fielding anything to match the Stug IV which while not equal with the panzers is far tougher than an M8. And more! Also now a .50 cal is a .50 cal rather than the games original system in which there were six different versions of the same gun which was true for most weapons in the game and they all had different stats so adding a gun to a tank is no longer quite as neccesary since the coaxial and hull guns can actually hit things more than three feet away. Refer to the readme for more information.
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