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MechWarrior: Living Legends has released the next version of their mod: Crysis Team Action, which contains many fixes to issues that were brought to their attention. Started as a small
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spin-off project to MWLL, the programming team under the lead of [b]Mach10[/b] created a game mode specifically for Crysis multiplayer. Team Action is essentially instant action except you are part of either the US or Korean Team. Your kills are counted towards a total kill count for the team and once a team reaches a certain amount the match is over. If you're hungry for some [i]Crysis[/i] multiplayer action, and you don't want to wait for any of the WIP mods to be released, then you are in luck, as we now have for your gaming enjoyment, a brand new mod that will bring you a new gamemode. This mod will give you basically a mini-mod for Crysis with a lot of Custom game mode script as well as some custom Huds and a new map (Plantation Evolved) and finally new server variables. [i]"During development of our custom game modes one of our Programmers ended up creating a custom game mode that utilizes a lot of base code from Crysis."[/i] How cool is that?! [quote]Following a successful introduction of Team Action mod and the wonderful support from the community, we are proud to release Team Action v0.2. After reading all of the feedback concerning the previous version, we have revised and fixed issues brought to our attention. Version 0.2 is not chock-full of updates and new features; we have centered on a core set of functionality and have worked to resolve all known issues. Through many hours of stability testing and trying to somehow break the mod, happily we weren’t able to find anything. With this release, the mod is fully ready for competition play. Let the games begin![/quote] [b]Some of the features of this mod include:[/b] A customized HUD that will display the team's current kills count plus the total kills required for a win (featured below). Scoreboards edited to reflect the new game rules. The ability to set and customize penalties for suicides and team kills, which can be edited via simple console commands. All current InstantAction maps supported under Team Action. 32 bit and 64 bit Crysis support is included. This download will provide you with the [b][u]Client Files[/u][/b], made available in installer format, (inside the zip file) for ease of installation into your game; For the Server Files, [file="88542"]click here[/file]. Currently, [b][i]MechWarrior: Living Legends[/i][/b] has one server running this mod, but they would love to see others use their server files as well! [b]Some of the changes in this version are:[/b] Timelimt score correctly awards winning team based on total accumulated points. Fixed evaluation error in Timelimit function. Flash scoreboard HUD completely re-worked. Team scores moved to flash HUD. Server name and IP address show correctly on HUD. Fixed flash scoreboard HUD not updating/showing duplicate names. Fixed static HUD time remaining. Added function to display and animated time on HUD when round time falls below two (2) minutes. Refer to the readme for more information.
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