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We’ve been graced these last couple of months by Darth Jaden with her work on re-skinning the different characters of the 2003 game of the year, [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i]. Party members
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have had new looks given to them along with villains you run into on your quest to find the Star Forge and to either save the galaxy or to conquer it. This time Darth Jaden decided to put in some of her past work and put them all in one mod. Part of this mod will include skins she’s never released before. I think that is a good way to entice people to download it even if they have a specific skin(s) already. This work includes eight of the main party members that travel with your group. If you recall, there are nine of them so one is missing. That happens to be Zaalbar, who is left out of this pack. Recently the author released her updated Bastila. In this release that comes with it, but she included a new skin of her clothing to be installed so you will get something new from it. Canderous is one who has had some updates as well as he now has brown hair instead of gray to give him a younger look if you desire such a thing. A new skin that is included in this release is one of Carth Onasi that has never been released before. Another new one is everybody’s favorite assassin droid, HK-47. Jolee’s only change is default clothing texture, which has never been released before and is a great improvement from the one BioWare made him. The Juhani skin is exactly the one she released originally back in February. The exact same Mission head is released from his original version, but added to this release is the new clothing skin for her. Last but not least (well, maybe to some people) is T3-M4; a skin that has never been released before. Each party member will have its own custom portrait which I believe is the weak part of this release. Knowing the author’s skill with skinning, I know she could have done much better than she did. I would suggest getting very close-up shots of the party members and giving them a custom background like they do traditionally with portraits so the focus is on the head only, not so much of the background. Enjoy the skins! :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. -Shem
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