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War Thunder - Update 1.45 Trailer

The moment you've all been waiting for is here!


Killing Floor 2 - Developer Diaries 3 - Weapons & Perks (Part 1)

Tripwire Interactive is thrilled to unveil the newest installment of the multi-part developer diary series for the highly anticipated PC and PlayStation 4 title, KILLING FLOOR 2.


Evolve - Stalker Trailer

How do you hunt a monster you can’t see? You don’t. She hunts you.


Verdun - Christmas Truce 1914

his Christmas marks the 100th anniversary of a remarkable event: The 1914 Christmas truce. British, French and German soldiers held several truces along the western front.


Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault - Battle of the Bulge 70th Anniversary Trailer

In recognition of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, this in-game video clip from Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault gives players and fans a brief overview of this historic battle.


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Lord of the Hunt DLC Trailer

Get the Lord of the Hunt DLC and add hours of new gameplay including New Story & Lore, New Missions & Challenges, New Nemeses, New Monsters, New Epic Runes, Test of the Wild and a New Character Skin.


Total War: Rome II - Wrath of Sparta Campaign Pack Trailer

Wrath of Sparta introduces an entirely new, epic campaign expansion for Total War: ROME II focusing exclusively on the Hellenic world, plunging players into the turbulent events of the iconic Peloponnesian Wars.


Crusader Kings 2 - Way of Life Launch Trailer

It has come to our attention that many of you who indulge in Crusader Kings II often air grievances about the game "murdering your social life". The tales of your strife has not fallen on deaf ears and thus we offer a solution!


TERA: Fate of Arun - Launch Trailer

Fate of Arun is TERA’s first expansion and the largest content update to date.


Don't Starve Together - Early Access Trailer

Don't Starve Together is coming to Early-Access on Steam on Monday, December 15!


Saints Row 4 - Gat out of Hell Behind the Scenes

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell voiceover actors give a rare behind the scenes look at what it takes to make the characters of Saints Row come to life in the recording studio.


The Evolution of Evolve – Episode 4: The Planet Shear

The planet Shear is more than just a backdrop, it's a living place you're fighting your way through as both Hunter and Monster. In this latest Evolution of Evolve, learn about what goes into designing a map for the game.


Elite: Dangerous - Launch Trailer

Get exclusive early access to the combat training demo with the Mercenary Edition of Elite: Dangerous, a day one pre-order edition, loaded with exclusive digital extras.


Fortnite - Art of Monsters: The Husk

The Fortnite Art Director, Pete Ellis talks about the artistic history of the Husk.


Etherium - Invasion Trailer

Etherium, the new futuristic real-time strategy game published by Focus Home Interactive and developed for PC by Tindalos Interactive, resumes hostilities with a new video!


Blackguards 2 - New Features Part 2

Hello and welcome to our second part of our video feature series to our upcoming strategy RPG Blackguards 2 in the universe of the Dark Eye.


Echo Of Soul - Story Trailer

Get a glimpse of the story surrounding Echo of Soul in this all-new trailer.


Path of Exile: Leo Redmane, Master of the Arena

Multiple PvP updates are coming to Path of Exile with patch 1.3.0


Batman: Arkham Knight - Ace Chemicals Infiltration Trailer: Part 3

The Ace Chemicals Trilogy concludes in the final episode of the series from Batman: Arkham Knight.


Killing Floor 2 - PS4 Announcement Trailer

Tripwire Interactive is pleased to announce that the Co-Op Sci-Fi Horror FPS game KILLING FLOOR 2 is coming to the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system next year and marks the very first major console debut for a Tripwire title.


Orcs Must Die! Unchained - PS4 Announcement Trailer

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is coming to Playstation 4 in 2015!


Dungeon Defenders 2 - Steam Early Access Launch Trailer

Dungeon Defenders 2 is now available on Steam Early Access.


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