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Central Lake REVIEWED | 7.37 KB

fish and whales ( I know - whales in a lake not real, but "gameplay>realism"), a water flag for delivery of units from the HC, 2 trade routes each with 2 trade post sockets, two mainland Native American villages and one Native American village on a central island. The two mainland villages are randomly (50/50 chance) either Cherokee or Iroquois, with the one on the island being the opposite tribe as the ones on the mainland. There are a few more sheep than on the New England map, and deer are plentiful. Each player is a little closer to one of the native villages than the other, each player starts out fairly close to one of the trading posts. The map size is somewhat larger than the usual New England but has a little less playable land due to the size of the lake. NOTE: this map may not play well for greater than 2 players due to its construction details - feel free to try, let me know if successful! REVIEWED BY SHIMANO55 ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a very well done map. Though it isn't the most creative and interesting map, it is both layed-out and stocked quite well. The basic layout of the map is very much like AOE2's and AOM's baltic maps. Land surrounds a medium-sized body of water which is located in the center of the map. There is also a small island in the very middle of the body of water that contains an Native American settlement. This is a nice touch, but personally I think it would have been better if there were a slightly larger, empty island. That way one could been a stronghold if they were getting beaten back, but its not my map. As far as resources go, the creator did pretty well, though does have some things that could be improved. There are tons of animals to be hunted (deer, sheep, etc). There is also enough gold mines throughout the map to sustain the player until they reach the third age and can build plantations for their gold. The main shortcoming that I realized was the lack of wood on the map. There are only a couple pockets of wood on the map, and I had to go pretty far away from my main settlement to start chopping wood. As far as landscape and other factors go, pretty well done. My favorite landscape element was the defensive cliffs that one can build outposts and a fortress on. Also good for attacking the enemy since there are some cliffs near each settlement. I was also a big fan of the trading routes. I like the idea of 2 seperate routes as opposed to the original's 1, though I wish there were more than 2 posts per route. There are also enough treasures on the map to make anybody happy. Overall this is a pretty good map, and I do recommend that you download it to replace the original New England. Good job RF_Gandalf. ---shimano55 -------------------------------------------------------------------




1916 Irish Rising | 623.08 KB




WWII part 3 Germans Attack the Soviets | 237.33 KB

as well as some cavalry .




WWII Free France | 363.09 KB

guns) have fortified the English channel so it wont be an easy feat .




New World Island | 243.91 KB

clonally. But wait there are only a few animals and little mines on your first Island. If that wasn’t enough someone else has settle here and the sea is full of pirates who are allied with an other group of people. Natives think you are invaders like the pirates and to ally with them you will have to beat their armies first. They say strange people came to their lands and built buildings the call Mosques and had great bombards.




American Revolution - Fight for New England | 5.8 MB

\"The Patriot\" - You play as \"Benjamin Martin\" (main character in the movie \"the patriot\" played by Mel Gibson) and have to leed a Battalion of soldiers into a frontier in the fight for New England - 5 primary objectives and one secondary objective Special Features: - Reinforcements via trade route buildings - you are allied by a computer player who will fight the main battles for you while you do all the dirty work ;) - many cinematics outling mission objectives and showing battles




The Sun Rises on the Ottoman Empire | 966.74 KB

abrupt end at the hands of the Mongolians. Various emirates have been spawned by the fall of the Seljuk\'s and the region is up for grabs. At the moment, the Ottoman Turks located in the region of Anatolia are poised to take up a powerful position in the aftermath of the Seljuk downfall... Gameplay ---------- Control a small Ottoman colony in the western region of Anatolia. Your are surrounded by 3 other Turkish Emirates in an all out free for all. Certain units are disabled and can only be accessed by completing objectives and you can not advance beyond the Fortress Age. The terrain and locations of enemy colonies allows for multiple strategies, such as conquering the Black Sea to the north before moving inland. Features ---------- *Day/Night Cycle *Home City customized for the scenario *An opening screen that details your mission *Detailed landscape This is only the first scenario in a campaign that will hopefully be quite lengthy, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it. Don\'t forget to leave your honest opinions and constructive critcism.




The Kharlan Tournament | 645.58 KB

and leaving with the money will be too easy for Calek to fail at. But why does the tournament host own an army? And what is the cause of the nearby colony's hostility towards the tournament? When a competitor disappears and an army attacks the tournament grounds, matters become slightly more complicated... Although The Kharlan Tournament employs normal, simple RPG gameplay, the simplicity will be enough to keep your attention for at least 45 minutes. Although the main character is the most important unit you will have, at several points throughout the game you will be controlling a small army or a mercenary, increasing the level of strategy required, but not making the game frustrating or impossible to beat. Immerse yourself in the location of North Carolina. Entertain youself with the tournament and gladiator-style fights. With over 15 cinematics, an interesting storyline, and a great map design, this scenario is not one to miss. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although I have not had a look at this scenario myself yet it looks very promising. The author is well known and has produced some very high quality scenarios for AOM. This particular scenario has also recieved very high reviews on AOEIIIHeaven and includes custom music and high quality cinematics. ~BlueDragon




Trade Crossing | 6.14 KB

there are 2 teams). The map features randomly varied player start positions (unlike New England), and has two trade routes which cross in the center (instead of parallel routes like New England) each with 2 trading posts. This feature makes it a little harder to control a whole trade route (or at least it would if the AI tried as hard as a human would for control or the route) as one of the trading posts on each route is always closer to the other player. There is some randomness to the appearance of the trade routes and the placement of the trading posts for variety, but each route always has a \'radial symmetry\' so that the trading posts on each route are always equidistant from the center and so the closest one on a route to each player is always the same distance away as it is for the other player.




The Asian Dynasties: Napoleonic Era - Demo | 18.33 MB

Dynasties to be installed on your computer. Uninstall all other mods before running the setup. This demo version gives you the chance to playtest three of the nine new civilizations in Napoleonic Era: The Prussians, Swedes and Italians. You cannot play multiplayer games, the campaign or run the editor with this demo. To uninstall the demo please run the uninstallation executable. For more information visit: [url][/url] The forum for discussing the demo is [url=\"\"]here.[/url]




WWII Soviets Strike Back | 148.79 KB

nazis from the great Soviet Union. You start with an army and some wagons to set up your base. A nearby village is on your side but as the game starts it is under attack. Save it as soon as possible.




Siege and Battle of Vienna - 1683 | 26.95 MB

Pasha, and try to capture Vienna. In real life, the overconfident man failed (his head was chopped off after losing the battle). However, in this scenario, you will have the opportunity to win the battle! Changes in version 1.1 include the fixing of triggers and the adding of music. Few balance changes were necessary, as the triggers will balance out the game.




WWII - Fall of Italy | 357.05 KB

command centre and a capital). You have 6 fidgets fill with British(mostly musketeers) and French troops, vills ,fort + factory wagons,2 tcwagons 6 explorers and other heroes. The Italians (Germans) have impearl uhlans. They also have cannons skirmishers and bonegurds in Rome.




One way there | 185.83 KB

the map except for a well guarded gap. Near you to the left will be a cree village to ally with them kill the cree trackers and build a trading post. On the cliff near the Cherokee village there are lost of crates of well every thin food wood and even some coin. The edge of the cliff there are lots of gold mines.




Base Capture - Fort Ticonderoga | 165.85 KB

where you start, however since this is base capture you must capture all 4 bases accross the river aswell as defend yours from being taken over. Features: -new Base Capture Style play -battlefield is half based on Fort Ticonderoga and half on my own imagination. -actual history included in objectives menu, thanks to...




Extravangza Units | 111.18 KB




Rainforest | 6.85 KB

to six hidden Tupi or Carib villages. Players and natives are placed randomly, so scouting is essential here!




Battle of Coast Road Hill | 662.56 KB

that unleashed a genocidal wave on one of your cities. Revenge fuels your soldiers. Will you have what it takes to defeat Macerr? The Battle of Coast Road Hill takes place across the Kalaa Channel, separating Macerr City from the rest of the continent. Macerr forces have retreated across the channel, and your forces are closing in. The battlefield is set at a large hill covered in trees and overlooking the channel. It is a tactical location, as a fort properly built on the hill could be artillery spotting for miles. You have a smaller army than before, as many casualties were taking in the assault on Macerr City. You and the enemy have established command posts. To defeat the enemy, destroy their command post on the opposite side of the hill. But watch out, as they will attempt to destroy yours. Good luck, and godspeed. -Major General C. Jacobs, Epilsonian Military




City Assault | 405.93 KB

by infantry and cavalry. Inside the city, there are various types of units guarding strategic locations. Use your soldiers wisely, or you will end up dead.




Winter in New England | 7.88 KB

attackers have now more space to maneuver.




Roanoke: The Lost Colony | 2.83 MB

do. Includes 13 playable scenarios plus custom music.




1453... Conquest of Constantinople | 3.83 MB

and find the weak points of the enemy...




The Cave | 497.68 KB




The Killing | 1.32 MB

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