Aliens vs Predator 2




Predators SoundPack

predators.rar | 1.49 MB

Falconer Predator Mohawk Predator: Tracker Predator Heavy Predator: Berserker Predator I hope you enjoy it




Odd Taunts | 3.56 MB

changed the pounce sound for the aliens, but I'm not going to spoil the surprise!




Captain Nascimento Sound Pack | 1.14 MB

cherife! - Pede pra saí! Pede pra saí! - Senta o dedo nessa porra! Tudo isso dentro do sound pack. Só altera dos homens porque as mulheres falando desse jeito seria estranho...




AvP Requiem Sound Pack

avprspv1.rar | 6.87 MB

mods in your mods without asking me for permission first.




Oz's True Taunt Pack *Final* | 5.45 MB

recently I just added more. This is my final version and it has sounds for 95 percent of the MP characters. Such as:




Doom 3 Sound Pack | 6.67 MB




Doom 3 Sound Pack | 5.8 MB




snd02 | 1.78 MB

want to miss the others, so you can edit it by yourself without the editing tools. Just seek in the folders after your hated sound and delete it [or replace it with a sound what you like more] :) _________________________________________________ This sounds are in the rez file: Alien Drone and Runner: both taunts pounce-sound one pain-sound one death-sound alien vision-sound Predator: one taunt for all classes




Star Wars sound pack Add-on | 9.59 MB

characters in the movies and created individual mini-sound packs for each character. Each sound pack contains only four sound files taken from actual people in the movies, except for C-3PO (some might want his taunts). You\'ll notice there are many similar names for some of the rez files. Each rez that contains a number, is the same character with taunts on a different subject whether its the force, anger, fighting, persuasion, teaching, statements, etc. The sound packs are designed to overwrite the SW_MOD multiplayer male human taunts. Although these sound packs do not require the mod to work, I suggest running the mod and using these sound packs to somewhat customize the mod to your liking. You have a total of 45 mini-sound packs to play around with. Enjoy. LIst Of Sound Packs: 1) Akbar 2) Anakin 3) Anakin_Evil 4) Anakin_Evil 2 5) Ben 6) Ben 2 7) BobaNew 8) C3PO 9) Clonetrooper 10) Dooku 11) Dooku 2 12) Emperor 13) Emperor 2 14) Emperor 3 15) Emperor 4 16) Grievous 17) Grievous 2 18) Jango 19) Lando 20) Luke 21) Obi-Wan 22) Obi-Wan 2 23) Palpatine 24) Palpatine 2 25) Sidious 26) Sidious 2 27) Solo 28) Solo 2 29) Stormtrooper 30) Stormtrooper 2 31) Vader 32) Vader 2 33) Vader 3 34) Vader 4 35) Vader 5 36) Vader 6 37) Windu 38) Windu 2 39) Yoda 40) Yoda 2 41) Yoda 3 42) Yoda 4 43) Yoda 5 44) Yoda 6 45) Yoda 7 Recommendations: I personally like to use all the Vader packs, Emperor/Palpatine/Sidious packs, Anakin_Evil packs, Obi-Wan/Ben (Kenobi) packs, Luke pack, and the 2nd Windu pack. These are probably the best to use for intense fighting although a few of them have some slow paced taunts. Also the Anakin_Evil packs seem very funny to hear in AvP2 to me. \"You underestimate MY POWER!!!!\" Classic lines. Many of the Yoda packs are slow paced, but I\'d use them if you want to teach some noob some lessons about the force lol. The rest are good as well, but dont have as many powerful lines. However they do contain more humor.




Soundpack Sirius v1.2

soundpacksirius_1.2.ace | 174.73 MB




MATRIX Sound/Skin Pack

matrix.rar | 16.39 MB

facehugger to empress, with the original design used for the Matrix_Drone skin. Once these skins were made I also decided to throw in a huge sound pack of sounds taken only from the Matrix Trilogy, plus a few weapon skins for the humans. To top it all off, I used AcidGlow\'s fantastic Matrix menu, menu loop, and loading words for a complete Matrix feel. *Note: The sounds included may give away the ending of the trilogy, you\'ve been warned* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skins: ------- A) Aliens: Facehugger, chestburster, drone, runner, praetorian, predalien, queen, and empress skinned to the \"Matrix code.\" B) Human Weapons: Knife, pistol, and shotgun skinned to resemble the weapons used by the swat teams and agents. Sounds: ---------- A) Humans: 1) Females: a) New taunts of Trinity. b) Seven other sounds only accessable in single player mode. 2) Males: a) New death sounds of Neo\'s sacrificial death, Agent\'s death, Smith, getting jacked in, etc. b) New pain sounds of getting attacked, spitting blood, bone crunches, and a sentinel going through Neo. c) New screams of Smith\'s death, person transforming into an agent, Neo waking up, etc. d) New taunts of agents, Smith, Morpheus. e) Tons of new sounds that can only be heard in single player mode. (Barely any original sounds can be heard now) B) Weapons: 1) Pistol: New pistol fire sound with bullet time effect. C) Events: 1) Xenomorph-Loose: New sound taken from parking lot alarm in The Matrix Reloaded. D) Menu: 1) New opening menu loop from the opening menu loop of The Matrix dvd (U.S. Version) Possibly the greatest menu loop ever. 2) Used AcidGlow\'s menu loop for the remaining menus. The sound is from the early intro of the films. 3) New select, change, and quit sounds taken from the Green fade ins/fade outs of The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions dvds. E) Interface: 1) New splash sound of the \"jump program.\" 2) New cheat and verify sounds taken from the \"Lafayette mirror\" that Neo touches. 3) New Invulnerable_off sound (multiplayer) taken from the green fade out mentioned earlier above. 4) New free fly mode sound: \"Welcome to the real world.\" 5) New observe mode sound: \"Mr. Wizard, get me the hell out of here!\" 6) New player_info on and stats_on sounds (multiplayer) taken from that loud thump sound you often hear in the trilogy. *Very dramatic* 7) New player_info off and stats_off sounds (multiplayer) usually heard in the trilogy when one dramatic scene is switched to another. 8) New loading sound (multiplayer) taken from Neo\'s computer. Menus: -------- A) AcidGlow\'s Matrix Menu, matrix fonts, and loading words. B) New splash screen taken from a Matrix Revolutions poster. (Matrix Code) C) New custom level background/loading background taken from another Matrix Revolutions poster. (Neo at the source/machine city)




Arnold Schwarzenegger Sound Pack

arnold.rar | 12.69 MB

The new sounds come from all of Arnold\'s films and even a few from \"The Governator.\" I also threw in some weapon sounds, menus, and a few other stuff. *Note, each .Rez file has different contents. Make sure you read about them first or Arnie will be screaming at you STOP WHINING!* Sound Pack Changes for ARNOLD.rez: A) Menus 1. New menus of Arnold\'s most recent film, Terminator 3. 2. New menuloop(s) taken from the the T3 dvd. 3. New loading screen/custom level background of T3. 4. New \"you were killed/mission failed\" menus of T3. 5. New splash and splash sound. 6. New menu sounds of Arnold responding. B) Sounds: 1. New male taunts for both singleplayer and multiplayer. (I changed every single male taunt except for the cocoon and retreat sounds) 2. New male pain, death, and scream sounds. 3. New sounds for certain actions taken during multiplayer. Ex: Freefly mode, evac sounds, loading, summary, and so on. 4. New sounds for entering a cheat code, and closing the chatbox. 5. New reload and fire sounds for the grenade launcher, new minigun loopfire and stop fire sounds, new pistol reload sounds, new sadar fire sound, new shotgun fire and reload sounds. (All weapon sounds taken from Terminator films) C) Misc: 1. New multiplayer icons for the player menu list. Icons are as follows: Server Control (Star) = T-800 Terminator Firelow>FireMedium>FireHigh = Arnold>Terminator Arnold>Angry and Bad Arnold. : ) *Note: Certain actions the player takes, will make Arnold act differently. I made it this way, in order to highlight Arnold\'s hialrious side/personality. For example: entering a cheat code, evac failures, dieing, etc; all get Arnie angry.* Sound Pack Changes for ARNOLDCHAT.rez: A) Chat 1. Arnold will say \"Stop Whining!\" everytime you receive or send a message. 2. Arnold will also say \"Stop It!\" everytime you hit backspace when typing a message. This is extremely hilarious the first time you hear this, however it may become annoying with frequent messaging. Especially if you are in a server where everyone constantly says \"LOL.\" Give it a chance though. If you don\'t like it, don\'t use it. This is why it is in a different rez.




007 Sound Pack

007.rar | 5.35 MB

forget about the Golden Gun. : ) Sound Pack Changes: A) Menus 1. New menus with 007 background. (Guns, bullets, gun barrel, 007) 2. New \"You were killed\" menus. 3. New menu fonts, which are orange/brownish. 4. New menuloop for the opening menu. It\'s slightly different from the original bond theme, but pretty much the same. It\'s just longer and more modern. (From the game Everything Or Nothing) 5. New menuloop for the options menu. (From the game NightFire) 6. New menuloop for all other menu pages. It is a techno remix of the 007 theme. 7. New loading screen/custom level background of the 007 sign. 8. New splash and splash sound. The splash is the gunbarrel from the beginning of each Bond movie. 9. New menu click sound from the PPK silenced gunshot sound. B) Sounds: 1. New male taunts for multiplayer. (Sorry, just Pierce Brosnan sound clips. I think he\'s the best actor to play Bond, so he\'s the only Bond you will hear.) 2. New female taunts for multiplayer. (Bond Girls) 3. New death sounds for males and females. All of them are sounds of villians except for one. But its such horrible singing that it sounds like the person is dieing. LOL. 4. New pain sounds for males and females. 5. New sounds for certain actions taken during multiplayer. Ex: Clipmode_on, summary, loading. 6. New sound for entering a cheat code. Its Q. 7. New armor pickup sounds. 8. New knife select sound. 9. New pistol select sound. C) Skins: (Just one) 1. Pistol skin. Completely gold to resemble the golden gun. However, the pistol is still not a one shot kill. (Dont worry you have your sniper rifle for that.) 2. Pistol ammo pickups also skinned to gold. D) Misc: 1. New icon that replaces the star on the player menu list. The icon is Bond in the gunbarrel




Scarface Sound Pack

scarface.rar | 7.39 MB

language. (Maybe a bit more violent language than usual. Many F*** words) Version 1.1: Restores four multiplayer menu icons. Sound Pack Changes: A) Menus 1. New menus with the Scarface background. (Black and white) 2. New menu fonts. Red to match the menus. Courtesy of AcidGlow. 3. New menuloop(s) taken from the the Scarface dvd menu and credits. 4. New loading screen/custom level background of a Scarface wallpaper. 5. New splash and splash sound. 6. New menu sounds from the Scarface dvd menu sounds. B) Sounds: 1. New male taunts for both singleplayer. (A couple dozen or so) 2. New male and female taunts for multiplayer. 2. New male death sounds. 3. New pain sounds. 4. New sounds for certain actions taken during multiplayer. Ex: Observe mode, evac cancel, summary, loading. 5. New sound for entering a cheat code. 6. New weapon pickup sounds. 7. New health and armor pickup sounds. 8. New knife select sound. (Hilarious)




Oz\'s_True_taunt_pack *Updated* | 5.18 MB

made my own ripping them from the movies and placing them in there spot. You will get cool sounds like Billy\'s laugh as you selfdestruct. Riply\'s famous line \"get away from her you bitch\" with out the \"her\" part. Didn\'t seem to fit in the game. You will mostly be getting pred sounds with a new chestburster sound. There are mens taunts and womens taunts and really this is a taunt pack if anything. so listen to them and have fun. If you plan on using my sounds please just give me credit cause I had to rip them myself and edit them to sound good and fit into the game.




Vader Taunts | 257.96 KB




AvP Movie Sound Pack | 12.2 MB

if any noticeable loss in quality, if there is an occurance where the sounds are bad (but I doubt it since I've tried them all ingame) then I will release the higher quality one which is double in it's file size. But this one is just good how it is. I edited a lot of files to get this pack and I like how the new taunts and gear sounds turned out and etc.




DOOM 3 Shotgun Sounds | 177.48 KB




Sound Pack for Humans | 8.75 MB

aliens. For example Lets Rock!!! and "i got signals i got readings infront and behind" most of the sounds are taken from alien and aliens and one or 2 from predator. this sound pack contains high quality sounds for the following new menu music, new pistol firing sounds and shot gun. new chat sounds for multiplayer. also new taunts. This sound pack works well with the predator-sp from Enjoy the new sounds!!!![/quote]




Donuts Complete | 53.23 MB

Aliens audio CD and rearranged them a little bit so they fit well in the game. Merely excellent! -Bluehair




AvP 1994 Pack | 6.13 MB

their interface. (Spear and Wristblades hitting human flesh have new sounds.) - Drones and runners; taunts, deaths, pain and claw swipe sounds - Humans; Pulse Rifle nade fire, pulse nade and sadar explosion sound,death and pain sounds - New menu music and sound fx - New predator and marine failure single player menus - New splash screen and sound - New set of sprites for the Shoulder Cannon explosion Enjoy the pack as it is my last file for AvP2 as a *Christmas Gift* as I retire from AvP2 modding and gaming.[/quote]




Postal | 17.79 MB




Pred 2B Sound Pack | 2.67 MB

in/out sounds - New Splash sound - New laser track, lock loop, failcloak sounds - 2 New normal Predator Taunts - 2 new heavy pred taunts - 1 new shared taunt by all preds - Sources are from Predator and Predator 2[/quote]




Sound Pack Mod | 7.62 MB

rename it \'Custom\'. 2. In the Aliens vs. Predator 2 Start Menu (before the game loads), go to Options and type the following entry into Command-line: -rez Custom/zzzB$PACKEVA.rez 3. Click on \'Always specify these command-line parameters\', then click OK. 4. PLAY. 3. Click on \'Always specify these command-line parameters\', then click OK. 4. PLAY.[/quote]

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